Freecam+ | Freecam with mobile support, and more customizability



I was bored earlier and decided to make freecam support for mobile platforms, and then I just went ahead and added more customizability.

New features

  • Ability to use on mobile via the topbar
  • Entering it on Xbox also via the topbar (surprisingly, they already had most of the controls there)
  • Change the key bind to enter freecam
  • Change the speeds of the camera
  • Give more users access to freecam through permissions (example: freecam gamepass, specific users, specific group ranks)


Note: The only control I added to this was the slow camera down, everything else already existed surprisingly.

  • Left thumbstick → movement
  • Right controller → camera direction
  • Y → Zoom in
  • X → Zoom out
  • L2 → Camera down
  • R2 → Camera up
  • R1 → Slow camera speed


  • (W,U) → Forward
  • (A,H) → Left
  • (S,J) → Backwards
  • (D,K) → Right
  • (E,I) → Camera up
  • (Q,Y) → Camera down
  • Right click and drag mouse → Camera movement
  • Mouse wheel → Zoom in / out
  • Left shift + P → Toggle freecam
  • Left / right shift → Slow camera down


  • Pinch → Zoom
  • Thumbstick → Move

@qwreey74Camera icon
@WhoeverWroteTheOriginalFreecamScript → This

Get the model here: FreecamPlus - Roblox

And, since that was a pretty brief post, feel free to request features for this model!

It uses Topbar+ for mobile support, and it should integrate itself properly into your workflow without messing up anything else if you also use Topbar+

See: Third Parties - TopbarPlus


Looks appealing. I’ll definitely take a look at this.

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Question, How do I use this thing and where do I place it?

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Just add the model linked in the post to your game and open it to see if there’s any settings you want to change, and you’re good to go!

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Will look into this when I have the time, looks extremely interesting and useful.


i will be sure to try this when i work on my game this weekend.

it amazing that it works with Topbar+

i love using Topbar+


Mhm, it uses the 3rd party thing according to their docs. So that means, it’ll just implement itself into your game’s workflow without issue if you use Topbar+ (and load it before the freecam is added)


okay i don’t really know what that means but i love the better chat model you made :slight_smile:


Great resource! I was wondering if it’s possible to enable/disable freecam+ whenever I want (I need to call the functions myself instead of using the keybind and Topbar icon)


I’m not sure what’s going on but the camera speed doesn’t change when I edit the Config module script.

Oh, I think that setting was for mobile. I can add one for PC later if wanted! It sounds helpful.

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hey @Jumpathy how i can enable the freecam using remote events?

You can’t currently, but if you can open the module script you can easily modify it to work with that. Bind controls are at the bottom of the script.


very good jumpathy! you always make some very cool stuff from time to time!

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I’m having an issue with Freecam + it is creating 2 thumb sticks at once and I cannot move, it is there any way to fix this?

FreecamPlus.rbxl (35.6 KB)

I have been looking for this for a long time…

Thank you

How do i work out the gamepass function?

In the Config file, you just replace the placeholder Gamepass ID with your gamepass ID, and people who own the gamepass will receive access to the freecam.

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There’s an issue where the freecam mobile joystick is visible when you first join the game when it should be invisible. It becomes invisible after freecam is enabled and then disabled.

I fixed this by just having the script set the thumbstick frame visibility to false instead of true in the MainModule. Please have this done!

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