[Plugin] Material Icons (+1400)

hello everyone!
i made material icons library plugin for UI Designer!

you can add imagelabel by just clicking Insert button

all icons are processed by PixelFix! so you can use icons without dark outlines

plugin link :

plugin source code :
game:GetObjects("rbxassetid://6045494621")[1].Parent = workspace
use this command on command bar to get plugin source code

Sorry for my english skills :sweat_smile:


This is actually really useful, I’d rather use my own icons though whether they are either better or worse. Is there any easy way to import your own icons?


Where did you get these icons from? Did you read their Terms Of Service? Do you have to attribute them for the icons?


this icons are from https://material.io/resources/icons/?style=baseline
(it’s made by google)

we can use this under Apache license version 2.0


Sounds EXTREMELY useful. I’ll definitely be using this. By the way, there is a similar plugin called: Material Icons, that is paid, and has only 140 icons or so.


Hopefully you can use it as inspiration for some of the options in your plugin.

Edit: Can you provide the source under a github page too? I’d appreciate it.


I agree, rather want to view the source code via GitHub as I can easily import it to my computer then.


I believe its on other sites as well like icons8.com.

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Wasn’t sure about the license, so I wasn’t convinced whether using this is a good idea, so thank you for clarifying.

Thank you very much! I was amazed that there were 1400 icons!

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Well, this just became my most favorite plug in. Keep up the good work!

This is an underrated plugin. Thank you so freaking much for creating this. It’s going to make my life SO much easier, as I was originally finding the icons on my own and doing the processing all myself.

You are a blessing to this world, I hope all of your endeavors are successful and you find happiness in your life.


Thank you so much for the info

It does a lot of “Error 403: Asset is not approved for the requester” any fix?

Awesome plugin! Definitely useful for me and Mara to use for our game. Thank you so much! We’ll credit you if we can. :happy3:

There’s already a plugin called Material icons for 100 robux

Unlike that plugin, this one is free.

Yes but is this really allowed? cause It’s kinda infringing the real one

Well, the icons themselves are Google’s material icons, available under the Apache 2.0 license. Uploading them to Roblox and publishing them via a Plugin shouldn’t be breaking any rules. There already are different plugins with similar functionalities and as far as I know, no one had any problem with free datastore editor plugins when a paid one exists.

Unless something in this plugin is paid/unauthorized material, it shouldn’t be infringing on anyone’s rights or breaking the rules.

I guess so but they should change the name at least

That’s the same thing. If the creator of the original plugin (which god knows if that really is the original) has a problem with that, they can probably reach out to the developer of this plugin. The term Material icons probably isn’t owned by anyone either and if it is, definitely not by the plugin creator.

If you take a look at the forum, you’ll find many plugins which do the same thing and have very similar/same names. It shouldn’t be bothering anyone, unless it’s a ripoff claiming to be the other one.

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