French Translator

Here are the games I translated:
Blade Throwing Simulator, Batting Champions, Heli Rush, Bullseye Simulator, Lumberjack Legends, Snack Simulator, Fishing Simulator, Wizard Legends, Zombie Tags, Shoot out, Robot Simulator, Zombie Defence Tycoon, Bloxymon, SuperCharged and Funky Friday

My roblox name: Millidium
My roblox id: 1059348862
My age: 19 years
Location: In Canada in the province of Quebec
Price for a translation: 25-100 robux per string

My voice: (In-French)
My Ranks in groups:
1: Cloud Entertainment - Roblox
2: Arxk Studios - Roblox
3: Flashy Games - Roblox
4: Emerald Entertainment - Roblox
5: Temtaken Studios - Roblox
6: The Gang Stockholm - Roblox
7: Zood Studios - Roblox
8: The Workshop Squad - Roblox

If you are interested, here is my discord so that we can discuss the translation price:
You can pay by fivrr


Is this for French or Canadian French? Im Canadian and I know there is a diffrence.

I am French Canadian (Québécois)

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Okay, just thought people would want to know.

Very great service. I loved how he made it high quality with good vocabulary in a short lapse of time.

Service was also at a great price! I would for sure consider hiring him again!

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