Frenchtoast0 at your service! [Currently only have time for small projects]

About Frenchtoast0

Hi, Frenchtoast0 here! I am an intermediate game developer. I specialize in scripting, however I can do most other tasks to some limited degree as well (including audio work and functional animations). As I am not just a Roblox developer, I have C#, Java, Python, and web development skills as well.

I originally began developing back when the old forum was a thing but then took a few years break. I am back again to refine my developing skills and make some cool games.

A large portion of my work has been commissions for other developers, including quests, a banking system, and much more. I have also created a few public games that have reached Beta status.


This is HomeFree, my very first game. It incorporates aspects of Tag and Hide-and-seek. HomeFree

Home Free Map 1

This is Strateshoot, my latest game. It is a shooter game that has become more strategic by limiting your bullets. It is functional, but still a ways off from being a fully-polished game.Strateshoot

Strateshoot Thumbnail


I am looking to help out developers with simple (possibly advanced ones too) projects. I can help with scripting, basic UI stuff, and I would also be interested in some audio work.


Don’t really have any set salaries, it’s been suggested that I charge 1000 R$ per script, but I’m flexible.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or by Roblox message. If you would prefer discord: Frenchtoast0#8942.

Thanks for reading and have yourself a great day! :slight_smile:


You should probably give a desired range of robux you’d work for

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Hello! I’m part of a group looking for a scripter because the last one left if you need contact with the founder of the game for prices then message me :slight_smile:

Hi, what jobs will I be expected to do?

They are doing a horror game and there hasn’t been news on anything I think they need a revive system like when people die they can come back from closets. Mori aka executions when people are down. Downing System and HP system. I think a scrap system where you fins scrap to craft weapons. Killing the killer. I think more so tell me what price and i’ll tell the owner :slight_smile:

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Please look over this, I really need help.

Hello, I can take a look at the code and give it a shot.