Frequent HTTP-based issues on Roblox Client

A lot of HttpError started occurring on the console log with various issues, impacting all kinds of systems in any game that requires loading the client for something. Instances has different symptoms:

  • Responsiveness is significantly reduced on loading assets. A very common symptom.
  • Some textures, meshes or assets ‘could not fetch’, resulting in missing texture/mesh/asset in their place. Infrequent.
  • Sometimes (HttpError : ConnectFail) appears over unknown HTTP error. Often associated with checking if one user is part of a group. Infrequent.
  • Sometimes (HttpError : TimedOut) appears over unknown HTTP error. Often associated with checking game passes or products. Infrequent.
  • Authentication seems to fail, Error Code: 0.

The issue seems to impact MacOS Ventura 13.3.1, with the MacBook Air(M1, 2020), regardless of connection options. Also heard reports from other users from a Windows OS.


Can corroborate that this has been happening in Studio (on Windows) for the last half a day.

A lot of the time, it takes a few dozen seconds after the server initializes to load in with a character when I Play Solo.
When I do spawn in, my character is either a noob or missing some body part meshes and the console is filled with errors about being unable to load sounds (all at once, very shortly before the client loads).

I just created a test server with two players. The server and one player was created fine, but the second window asked me to log into Studio.
I try it again and the server asks me to log in. I log in and both players spawn in just fine. I’m very impressed by how robust that was.

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Some additional notes of what I have tried:

  • Re-configed DNS resolver
  • Restarted host device
  • Restarted router - concluded it is not my network issue
  • Re-installed Roblox client - did not fix the issue

Here are a few more suggestions you can try:

  1. Disable any browser extensions: If you’re using Studio in a browser, some extensions might interfere with its proper functioning. Disable any browser extensions, especially those related to ad-blocking or script-blocking, and see if the issue persists
  2. Check for Windows updates: Ensure your Windows operating system is up-to-date with the latest updates and patches. Sometimes, compatibility issues can arise due to outdated OS components
  3. Update your graphics drivers: Outdated graphics drivers may cause issues with loading textures, meshes, or assets. Check for updates to your graphics drivers and install them if available
  4. Run Studio as administrator: Right-click on the Studio shortcut or executable file, select “Run as administrator,” and see if the issues persist. Running the application with administrative privileges can sometimes resolve permission-related issues
  5. Reset Studio settings: It’s possible that some settings in Studio might be causing the issue. Try resetting Studio settings to their default values

About 15-30 minutes ago we resolved an issue that was causing connection failures, primarily impacting users in Europe. Can you check and let us know if you are still experiencing Http errors?


It appears the connection failures have ceased.

Will report if anything else appears within the hour.