Frequently Asked Questions


Here are answers to some of the most common questions that I get from players. Please read through all of these before contacting me. This includes more general questions, along with questions related to in-game purchases.

---------------------- GENERAL QUESTIONS ----------------------

[ “Someone is bullying me! Can you ban them from your game?” ]

Use Roblox’s Report Abuse feature to report bullies/other rulebreakers to Roblox’s moderators. They are the ones responsible for handling rulebreakers - I cannot do anything if you contact me, especially because there’s no evidence for me.
There is a common misconception that reporting never works, but keep in mind that it takes a few hours for Roblox to review reports, and they will not tell you if they punished the person, since that is private between the rulebreaker and the admins. By reporting rulebreakers, you are silently helping to slowly make the community a better, safer place by getting rid of the bad apples. If everyone knew to use the Report Abuse feature properly, there would be much fewer rulebreakers on Roblox.
Also, just ignore anyone who’s trying to bully you. They’re just looking to get a reaction out of you, but if you ignore them, they’re going to get real bored after a while. Act like they don’t even exist.

[ “Can you join my group/game?” ]

I can’t, I would have no time and no group space with all of the people who ask me that.

[ “Can you give me free stuff?” ]

I worked hard to earn what I’ve got now, and you’re perfectly capable of doing the same. A quote from Widgeon that I really like: “You click the same upload button that I do, anything is possible if you work hard enough towards it.”

[ “Can you give me admin in your game?” ]

No. And if some random person claims to have full admin commands in the game, they are lying. Only the primary members of the game’s development team have admin.
Anyone else who is flying without items, noclipping, or doing any other illegal movement is just an exploiter, not an admin. However, they cannot do anything to affect the rest of the game, only their own character.

[ “Why can’t you accept my friend request?” ]

A friends list is for people that you actually know and talk to on a regular basis. It’s not for adding strangers. Besides, there’s a max limit of 200 friends, and I receive hundreds of thousands of friend requests. Follow me instead!

[ “Can you rank me up in your group?” ]

No, our group ranks are automatically assigned by a bot; I obviously cannot manage millions of members’ ranks by hand. Please follow the instructions in the group’s description to receive the correct rank. Do not message me about group ranks, I cannot change your rank.

[ “My character/chat/data is not loading in your game, what’s going on?” ]

When this happens, it’s because Roblox’s own servers are having issues. It has NOTHING to do with Roblox High School itself - Roblox’s server downtime affects all games. You will just have to be patient and wait for Roblox to fix their server issues.
Nothing has happened to your data, it will be available once Roblox’s servers are working properly again.

[ “Can I develop with you?” ]

I’m not seeking new developers, we’ve already got a stacked team. If I needed new developers, I would reach out to them myself or post on the developer forums.

[ “Can you help me learn scripting/make a game?” ]

I love to see more people getting into game development, but unfortunately I don’t have time to personally help people with those things, as I would be getting a ton of requests and I have to spend time on my own projects. is a great resource for learning about Roblox development (and it’s a much better teacher than I would be!)
I first learned scripting by using tutorials on the wiki and by taking free model scripts and messing around with them to make them do different things.

[ “Someone on another account said they were you, or they were related to you. Is that true?” ]

Absolutely not. Anyone else claiming to be me (or related to me, or having some sort of “secret information” from me) is just lying to you. I would not use alternate accounts to reach out to people. You need to remember that anyone can make up anything they want on the internet, so you shouldn’t instantly believe everything that you see online.

[ “Smash Bros main?” ]

Duck Hunt

[ “Can I add you on [insert game/platform here]?” ]

I only add people I know, sorry. I would be getting a ton of requests!

---------------------- PURCHASE-RELATED QUESTIONS ----------------------

[ “I bought your gamepass, but it won’t work and it says I need to purchase it again!” ]

This is just a small issue with Roblox’s own servers temporarily not detecting that you own the gamepass. Rejoin the game later and it will work properly. Do NOT try to purchase the gamepass again, there is no need to!

[ “I bought in-game currency but I didn’t receive it!” ]

If you did not receive your in-game currency, this just means Roblox’s data servers are having some temporary issues. Leave the game and join another server. Each time you rejoin, the game will keep trying to award you the currency until it’s successful. If the currency cannot be successfully awarded within 3 days, you automatically receive a refund from Roblox.

[ “Can I get a refund on this gamepass/product?” ]

Unfortunately, Roblox doesn’t give us developers any way to issue refunds, so it’s impossible for me to get you a refund for any reason.
(Though even if refunds did exist, you wouldn’t be able to just refund a product you’ve already owned for a while, since you already got your money’s worth from using it - this is the policy that literally every store has)

Players Asking For A Refund, What Do I Do?