Fresh (Beta 1.1) - New Particle System

I still have no idea how this works. Can somebody explain it to me?

Is there meant to be a gui, cause it doesn’t seem like anything is popping up when i click it.

(Nevermind i found out, anyway you should make it so there’s a gui instead of it just being added.)

When you click it, it automaticly adds a module into ServerScriptService, but i don’t know the rest of it.

do you use instance pooling? if not then you probably should, it significantly increases performance

whats Instance Pooling? I would love to know so I can improve Haha.

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i believe he means using smthg like - PartCache, for all your quick part-creation needs - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox module looking fresh btw
edit: yah no tht was a bad bad pun

yeah exactly instead of using 100 times per effect of something you can use that module

the death sentence

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super confused on how to use it

it’s explained quite clearly in OP’s post read the API section

I tried. Didnt understand a thing

PartCache is like a recycling bin. What PartCache does is instead of getting rid of a part after using it, it saves it in a place you can’t see. This means when you need a new one, it will get the part that isn’t urgently in use. This is useful because creating instances is resource intensive.


Oh, that is really quite simple. Very helpful, think I could make it though.


Yeah that would help with performance if you are removing and adding parts which can collect in the garbage collector and add more memory.


I don’t even have words. The example given looks amazing! Definitely getting this plugin! Great work, keep it up!

How do I use the module? Do you have API or documentation?? I’m so confused on how this works.

The post has an example of what to do.

How did you make those particles on the video I tried changing around the properties, but I can’t have the similar effect.

It doesn’t work for me dude :frowning:
Is there any way that can work nowadays?

Sorry but the person whi created was banned

wohohoo another abandoned project again, probably i feel like this module has been broken again due to roblox’s API change (haven’t tried this module smh) i was planning on using this back in 2021 but never got a chances to do so though there’s already another one but it doesn’t react to parts like what this one does.

overall for me, this has to be the best particles module ever made on Roblox as they’re pretty similar to Unity’s particle system, hopefully roblox adds their own 3D particles editor like 2D.