Fresh (Beta 1.1) - New Particle System

Fresh (Beta 1.1) - New Particle System

Whats This?

Fresh is a Newly Designed Particle system! And Beta 1.1 is HERE! Original post is here. That post goes into more depth! This post is more focused on the NEW version, and its arrival!

Whats New?

  • Part Distribution! The particles evenly spawn throughout the size of the Emmition Part!
  • New Way to set the Parameters/Arguments! Example:
local ParticleSystem = require(game.ServerScriptService.ParticlesPhaze3)


local T =

T.EmissionPart = script.Parent
T.Color = Color3.fromHSV(0, 0.701961, 1)


Keep in mind, I made it so some of the values have a default value if you just dont want to set those!

  • The System is a PLUGIN!
  • TweenInfo is a new Parameter!
  • Spawns with a Folder! (For Organization Purposes)
  • The Official, “Fresh” Logo is here!
  • Squashed some bugs/glitches with Beta 1.0!

What does it Look Like?

Get It!
Community Feedback is something I am always taking! Give us your recommendations to help make fresh dominate the Current ROBLOX Particle System. You can Message / Follow me on twitter here:


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It looks nice, but why create a plugin when all it does copy the Modules folder to ServerScriptService?
I feel like just offering the folder instead of a whole plugin would be enough.

Also, why the 2 minute cooldown?


It prevents a double click problem. Some ROBLOX Users have a Double Click issue. Its an easy fix, also why would you want to click it twice?

yeah, but does it have to be 2 minutes long?


Unity particle system in a nutshell


Not able to install it properly.

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Just press the plugin. It did not fail to work, it’s icon is just bugging!

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So I installed and pressed the button, nothing happened yet now every game console is spammed with this. How can I remove it?

This is a Roblox issue. I believe it is Windows specific. It happens when one of Studio’s script-related caches doesn’t get cleared properly, it can be super annoying. I think its related to new scripts being created while the game is running, but, I’ve only encountered it a few times.

Steps to fix this:

  1. Hold your Windows key and press R to open the Run Dialogue. Type %LocalAppdata%\Roblox\placeIDEState, and hit Enter/Return or press Ok:
  2. You will see a folder open that looks something similar to this (the amount and names of files will be different)
  3. Press Ctrl+A, and delete the contents (Press the Delete key)
  4. You should no longer encounter the ScriptGuid messages

Don’t worry about the contents of the folder too much, each file is used to store some extra stuff about certain scripts, such as certain debug info, and the ID of its LinkedSource (which doesn’t actually exist anymore, so).


Thanks for breaking this down for me! I think it did the trick.

I still have no idea how this works. Can somebody explain it to me?

Is there meant to be a gui, cause it doesn’t seem like anything is popping up when i click it.

(Nevermind i found out, anyway you should make it so there’s a gui instead of it just being added.)

When you click it, it automaticly adds a module into ServerScriptService, but i don’t know the rest of it.

do you use instance pooling? if not then you probably should, it significantly increases performance

whats Instance Pooling? I would love to know so I can improve Haha.

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i believe he means using smthg like - PartCache, for all your quick part-creation needs - Resources / Community Resources - DevForum | Roblox module looking fresh btw
edit: yah no tht was a bad bad pun

yeah exactly instead of using 100 times per effect of something you can use that module

the death sentence

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super confused on how to use it

it’s explained quite clearly in OP’s post read the API section

I tried. Didnt understand a thing