Fresh Configuration of Private Servers

Love the new sleek desgin update!

No need to worry @BitwiseAndrea I have it all under control:

Now this is the story all about how private servers got flipped, turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there
I’ll tell you how we changed private servers after so many years

BitwiseAndrea said it best
Aesthetic changes and optimized in many ways
Dark mode, supported, your eyes, adore it, localization support, whatever that means
After all these years, it kinda’ looks goods

Mobile functionality finally around
I can make them on my phone usin’ all my robux so “I’m wastin all my money but atleast it’s less bad”

I begged and pleaded for this for many years
and this finally came, it was music to my ears
so many new features, so many new ways, to use private servers for so many days
still no free robux, man that’s kinda bad
but the servers still cheaper than any college class
Is this what the future of servers be lookin’ like?
Hmm this might be alright!


Wow! I’d have to say it looks pretty impressive from the whole UI resigned too supporting mobile & dark theme this will indeed come in handy in the future!

Finally a needed fresh renewal is here. This made configuration easier for players and mobile

But we need a refresh on the develop page though


I hope Roblox adds a dashboard on private servers to cancel subscriptions and edit without doing it manually from the game page, and editing from the dashboard and also a total subscription of all available private servers feature because I bought a lot of VIP servers in games and lost track of them, and I want to cancel them all.


I wish all updates had a parody this cool.

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Despite the fact I skimmed through the topic and replies several times…



The re-desing looks absolutely awsome :grin:!
Now, could we get a library re-desing, please, it’s really needed!


Yeah! We really need it, the library hurts my eyes! It’s literally so bright! @BitwiseAndrea

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come on you really got my hopes up for free Robux but jokes aside I really like it. I saw it a couple of days ago and thought this wasn’t that new (because I thought they added it before) but I gues It was completely new so nice 9.5/10

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That’s already in beta. :slightly_smiling_face:
See Creations Page Public Beta 🤭

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Great update! One thing you should change (in my opinion) is to change the name «Allow joining» to Activate/Deactivate server.

This makes it more understandable and you probably won’t need to have that big of an explanation.

Otherwise, great!


I love this new menu! It’s both cool looking and looks easily usable!

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Looks great! Easy to use + people don’t get blinded now.

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This is great, but when are you implementing the new develop page onto the main site? In its current state, it’s pretty clunky to use.


It has been noticed that it is impossible to invite more than 5 people at a time. The cool down seems to be broken and is very inconvenient. We need to invite 30 people at a time almost every hour a day and it is impossible to do so, and when we use the link it gets leaked.

Please find a fix for this. Possibly remove the cool down and I personally do not see a point in it. Thanks in advance.


Hi! I am unable to reproduce this on my end. It’s possible that you are hitting our throttling limits - are you adding people all at once through the modal, or opening the modal, adding one person, saving and repeating the process?

Edit: I was able to hit the throttling limit after deleting a lot of people individually. We’ll look into batch-removing users from the list.


Ohh yeah. This is 100x better and MUCH more organized than the previous private server configurations.


Thats amazing to hear! Thank you!

Sadly, I have not found any ways to get FREE BOBUX yet, but I shall continue my search.