Fresh Configuration of Private Servers

Hey developers,

I originally wanted to write this announcement in the form of a parody of “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, but realized very quickly that it was not going to rhyme no matter what. I could’ve tried to force it but that would’ve been cringe, and as we all know, the DevForum is no place for cringe. Only excellence. :dancer:t5:

The title says a lot, but there’s even more to say! The moment you probably weren’t waiting for but will relish nonetheless has come… the Configure Private Servers page has been redesigned! Joy!

You may have questions…

“What does this mean?”

“What does the reskin entail?”


Glad you asked! The update for the page includes:

  • a spicy new look :hot_pepper:
  • localization support :speech_balloon:
  • dark theme support :sunglasses:
  • mobile functionality :iphone:
  • less bad :partying_face:

Sadly, there’s no such thing as free Robux, so this page doesn’t include that.

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Take a look at the screenshots below to see for yourself that the page is, in fact, different!

From your Certified Fresh Developers,
@BitwiseAndrea and @LuaCow :tomato: :white_check_mark:
(special thanks to @coefficients for helping with the creative direction of this announcement)


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Oooh, I’m very glad to see we’ve got work towards better private server configuration! I’m especially happy that we can rename private servers which aren’t actively being paid for! However, I did notice a couple issues.

  • If you’ve previously purchased a private server for a game, and that game no longer supports private servers later on, you’ll no longer be able to configure your private server. Considering the issue of having a server name which could be embarassing, inappropriate, or hold private info, it would be nice if we had some way to access the configure page for these private servers.

  • We can’t add or remove server members from inactive private servers. This isn’t much of an issue, but it’d still be nice to change without having to pay R$.

That is and looks very clean and neat! Amazing update!


I like the new look of private servers and I am also excited for dark mode support. This new layout looks a lot better than the current layout!


This is a good step in the right direction! I’m glad to see Roblox staff adding in more modern-day website UI’s and I cannot wait to see more coming soon! Nice work! Very pleasing to the eye!

Especially with the accessibility that’s available, it just looks… great!!! This will make it a lot easier and a lot more customizable for creating private servers!



Jokes aside, the new design looks a lot better and the adding users part looks really cool as well.

(also thanks for the amazing dark theme support)

Looks stupendous! Will you consider adding information such as:

  • Date private server was created
  • Time private server was created

Thank you so much. That’s it!


This is really nice and is 100% needed, as the old design was really outdated, however does this address the issue where it’s like impossible to give VIP server links to people who are using the windows 10 client version of roblox?


Sooo, private server links working on mobile when? :thinking:
I know a completely different team works on this, but might as well throw it out there.


This is great, old private server Ui was definitely less detailed and less exciting. Things get REAL when Private Server links work on mobile (please.) I would say this is a great update in my opinion.


When Roblox decides to stop just releasing mobile betas that 0.00001% of people get into.


Omg yes, private servers have always seemed so outdated and late at night the white screen bleaches my eyes. Thanks a lot,

The only suggestion I would ask for is for developers to be able to see/manage the private servers in someway.

Nice update, keep the work going


This looks great

Are there any remaining legacy pages on the site other than the Develop page?


It’s official, the bobux meme is dead and the ROBLOX staff killed it.

Can’t wait for more dark theme supported pages to appear across the website, as I remember using a browser extension to make most pages dark mode to avoid hurting my eyes. Sure, the official Outrageous Builders Club theme (I never had OBC, only TBC and regular BC) did have a dark theme for people who used it, but it only made part of the screen dark.

I tend to not use VIP servers that often unless I need them to get away from clueless noobs, or to do stuff involving war clans - yes those still are around.


Wow,this new configuration ui is clean better than the old i should say

Glad that they’re all getting a fresh revamp! Advertisements page would be nice to do next!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That Fresh Prince parody worked, yo. :pensive:

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I would still like to be able to use the old VIP page though (so should for the other pages as well…) Because I am a very nostalgic person.

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Thanks! This looks pretty less bad :partying_face:.

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This is a good update! One of the best reasons this is good is:

less bad