Friends list & home page says everyones offline

I don’t know when this exactly started happening, but whenever I went to my friends list to see if one of my friends were playing so I could join them. I noticed my friends lists say everyone is offline, although they’re online and even playing a game or on studio, and the weird part about this bug is that sometimes whenever you go onto one of your friends list pages it flashes that they’re Online for a quick second then disappears. But this isn’t the case every time, this bug makes it quite confusing to find and see if your friends are playing a game or are online. This bug also occurs whenever you go to onto your roblox home page, all you do is look at your friends and it will also say their all offline.

How to reproduce this bug

  • Go to your friends list
  • Or go to your home page

Friends List

Home Page


What search browser are you using cause I know some work and some don’t with this bug.

Opera at the moment, but I’ve also tested this with multiple browsers and they all have the same effect. The weird part about this bug is that it’s off and on, sometimes if you look at your friends list it’s showing who’s online or in-game, then the next it’s not. Most of the part it’s not showing anything, but in the case of the home page it never shows who’s online or in-game. I also had a few friends test this out for me, with different browsers, which of course had the same effect.


I think somewhere there was a topic where people reported servers are down or roblox has been broken. I think stuff is being reorganized do everything should go back to normal as soon as possible.


I live in the US, what are you talkin about?

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Hmm odd it worked for me. I live in the us too.

This seems to just happen randomly, probably still recovering from the outages.
For me everything seems fine.


Currently seems to be an issue with friends all showing as offline.

Overall lots of reports coming in that it is broken.

Started occurring about 20 minutes ago.


Downdetector is also picking up some reports.


I can confirm that I have the same issue. Seems like it also affect the player’s profile if you are friends with that person.


It happens to me from time to time as well, at first I thought all of my friends were legitimately offline but then I realised that out of 193 people, at least one has to be online. It has fixed itself now though.


I’ve created a little list showing what things is not working;

Trying to access the Settings page is sometimes shoving the 404 or the 502 error.
Parts of the Privacy, Security and General in the Settings page are missing about 75% of it’s original content.
Friends that are playing are still shoving as “offline”, both in the Home page and on their profile.

Currently, the problems Roblox is having is impacting on the UX and earnings. I’ve heard that several developers have lost between 80% of their earnings after Roblox staring having these problems.


I am using Opera GX as my browser. I can confirm this is happening with me as well:

I’ve also asked my friend and he is experiencing the same issue, but is using Google Chrome as their browser.

EDIT: Refreshing the page fixed it.
EDIT 2: Disregard, the first edit, it sometimes works but then most of the time, it doesn’t.

The error is still occurring but some of my friends appear online, not everyone. I mean not everyone, the friends that I know that they’re online.

I’m on Safari and this is happening for me too. Oof.

I may have a similar issue, except on the homepage, it tells me that all my friends are offline. However when I view my friends list, there are a couple of people online.

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Yeah, I am having the same problem, all my homepage friends are offline, but when I go to the friends page plenty are online & playing games. I am on Chrome.

The problem is coming back again. Roblox games becoming again bit slow. 7 days. Not fixed. Just GG. Can we finally know what is going on? Servers on game Isle just blowed.

Im currently having this issue, even though I know my friends are in a game. It also shows me as offline/on website when Im playing something. Is there a fix for this?

yeah i have the same problem and i’m in google chrome, I think it’s that Roblox’s servers are being changed so maybe a bug went in while fixing smthg

I live in Colombia and Im having the same problem since 2 days ago, I think is a bug and its also happening in the Roblox App