Frizzled Bakery | Jobs and Information

:doughnut: Jobs and Information

All job definitions, work ethics, and requirements are listed below. Once again, if you have any questions or concerns, contact a Corporate Officer+.

How to achieve the “Trainee” job. :clipboard:

How to get a Trainee position at Frizzled Bakery :cupcake:

To become a Trainee, you must join our Roblox group and pass the quiz in the Quiz Center. The Quiz Center can be found under the Group Games in the Roblox Frizzled Group. The quiz consists of questions made by our Corporate team, informing you how the group operates with our staff members and the rules that follow. Depending on your answer determines your results; if you pass, you’re allowed to work at the Frizzled Bakery!

:moneybag: How to get Trained and achieve “Cashier or Baker” :man_cook:

How to get trained at Frizzled Bakery :doughnut:

After you’ve become a Trainee, you’re probably curious as to how you can be promoted to a higher rank. To get promoted from Trainee, you must attend and pass a training hosted by our Management team. It is recommended to attend the earliest training convenient for you to avoid the long wait in between. After you have passed your training for the rank you desire (Cashier or Chef), then you will gain access to working stations.

At the Training Center, you have the option to train as a Chef or a Cashier. Our training consists of protocol simulations, trivia, and demonstrations about how to complete/take orders to gain an understanding of how working behind the register or in the bakery works.

:icecream: Rank Information

Visitor Ranks

Valued Customer:
This rank is when someone joins the group. This rank will be automatically given to you once you join!

Business Partner:
This rank is reserved for alliances and businesses that are associated with the Frizzled community.

Honors Customer:
This rank is reserved for former staff, trusted members, or former developers.

Low Ranks

This rank is for those who have passed the quiz at the Quiz Center as a Customer, and are awaiting training at the Training Center! Frizzled highly recommends you be trained to get promoted, but you are still allowed to work!
Note that Trainees can only be a Cashier.

Being a Cashier means that you have trained for this position at our Training Center! Cashiers work at the reception part of the bakery. You take orders for the Chefs to complete when asked for pastries, complete orders asking for drinks, and assist the customers with any questions or concerns they have about the bakery!

Being a Chef means you have trained for this position at our Training Center! As a Chef, you will work inside the bakery, making all of the baked pastries ordered by Cashiers for customers. This rank ensures that all pastries are completed in an orderly manner.

Senior Staff

Master Worker:
This position can be received by working as a Cashier or Chef and receiving the desired points to be promoted or by getting recommended by our Senior Management! Master Workers usually have more experience with customers and often will have the responsibility to assist other Cashiers and Chefs when needed. You still may continue taking orders and fulfilling orders from customers. You also may work all jobs!

This position can be received by gaining recommendations from Senior Management for working hard and helping fellow lower ranks, or by purchasing the game pass for the Professional rank! This position is looked at more for promotions to Interns, and when needed, can assist with training! If you’re into Leadership and want to learn more, this is the rank for you!

This is the first and therefore, the lowest rank as a Management member. Interns will go through a strict internship led by our Staffing Department to become an official Management member. This is a two-week training to ensure you want to be educated and dedicated to your rank in the Management team. They are given information about how to be a Management member and gain confidential information about the Management team itself. Interns are carefully picked by our Staffing Department from recommendations or by their application for the position.

Management (Middle Ranks)

Staff Assistant:
Staff Assistants are the first official Management members of Frizzled. They have passed the internship and gained the right to monitor the cafe. Staff Assistants help around the bakery, and the training, and answer any questions the community or low ranks may have. They help ensure that training and shifts run smoothly by supervising and helping out.

Supervisors are much alike to Staff Assistants, except they are given more responsibility. Supervisors are a bit more experienced in the Management team and are allowed to hold trainings, as well as train lower ranks. Supervisors supervise the bakery and also ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Assistant Manager:
After working in Management for a while, if worked thoroughly enough, they may get promoted to an Assistant Manager! Assistant Managers are given even more responsibility. They are now able to host Shifts and Training Sessions. Assistant Managers can rank Trainees, Cashiers, Bakers, Senior Cashiers, and Senior Bakers.

Senior Management (Senior Middle Ranks)

Shift Leader:
This position is granted to Assistant Managers who have worked diligently to ensure the bakery runs smoothly, as well as provide suggestions to the group to further advance the Management team and community as a whole. Shift Leaders are given more responsibilities, as they are more experienced in the Management team. Shift Leaders can host training and shifts, host games during shifts, and recommend lower ranks to be promoted.

Bakery Manager:
This position is granted to Shift Leaders who have worked diligently to ensure the bakery runs smoothly, as well as created an impactful change to the community or Management team with their suggestions. This rank meets the highest form of responsibility, professionalism, trust, and hard work for our Frizzled Management Team; they are considered the last role of Management before transitioning into Corporate ranks. Bakery Managers work similarly to Shift Leaders but are granted additional perks. SRs+ will look into the members of this rank for an opportunity for a promotion to become a Corporate member.

Corporate (High Ranks & Super High Ranks)

General Manager (HR):
General Managers are the first rank of the Corporate Team. These members are very cautiously picked by Bakery Managers or by their Corporate application. General Managers are separated into their desired teams and are in charge of completing implications to their department. Depending on their designated department determines the additional responsibilities they have, but General Managers all are in charge of ensuring all Frizzled servers run smoothly with their advanced permissions.

Corporate Officer (SR):
Corporate Officers are selectively chosen by the owners of Frizzled, as they have shown their hard work and dedication through impactful changes within their department. This rank most likely runs their assigned department and holds responsibility for the Management and Staff team. They acquire extreme responsibility, as they make the decisions that could affect the group.

Contributor: (Not an HR)
This rank is for those who have contributed in any way to Frizzled.

Contractor (HR):
This rank is for those who helped develop Frizzled, full-time.

Vice President (SR):
This rank is achieved and awarded to hardworking Corporate Officers who have worked for a long period, implementing changes to the Corporate Board.

President (SR):
This rank is achieved and rewarded to long-term members of Frizzled’s Presidential Team who have put time and hard work into their positions.

Chairwoman (SR):
The Co-Owner of Frizzled oversees all departments.

Chairman (SR):
The Owner of Frizzled oversees the Corporate Board, and more.

If you have any information regarding jobs and information, feel free to contact the Chief Staff Officer or Chief Operations Officer.