From A-to-B V2 - Draw lines from start to end points



So around August 2019 I had the idea of making a plugin that draws lines from one mouse point to another. I found it incredibly tedious to get a line to fit correctly with two points, and decided that I could make a plugin just for that purpose with simple raycasting processes! Besides, there wasn’t any other plugin in existence that could do the job I wanted.

The plugin was quite simple and it got the job done. But that version wasn’t released properly (Before the removal of Post Approval, I never bothered myself to put it out to Post Approval), and I abandoned it pretty quickly, leaving it to rot in the Bulletin Board archives.

But now I have gotten myself to rewrite the plugin, add more features, and transform it into a plugin widget which I think looks lovely with the built-in Studio themes.

And behold From A-to-B V2! Named it “V2” as an expansion to the previous version that I abandoned after creation. With exactly 996 lines of code (at the time of writing this post), this is the very first proper plugin I’ve ever released to the public, and so far, the biggest one I’ve made yet!


How to use + customization options

This plugin is pretty simple to use, with a wide range of customization features that I hope will get bigger in the future. You can use it to draw lines from start to end with mouse positions, or Part origins if you prefer.

First open the plugin from the Plugins toolbar in Studio, set customization options to what you desire (they can be customized while drawing), hit the big blue “Draw Line” button and begin drawing!

image image

Ignore intersecting parts: Toggles whether or not to ignore Parts that are in the way of the line when drawn. If this setting is off, it will not overlap with any existing Parts in the way of the line.

Use Mouse.Target: This option toggles whether or not to draw the line from the origins of the Parts your mouse hovers on. If Ignore intersecting parts is disabled with this setting enabled, the drawn line will not overlap any Part except for the Parts selected with this option.

Snap to grid: If Use Mouse.Target is disabled, the mouse positions of your start and end points will snap to an interval (in studs) that can be customized. (default value is 1, set to lower values if 1 stud causes issues.)

Line axis: This setting can be changed to set which axis the drawn line should go along (default axis is Z). This feature is useful for specific cases in which you need your line to be on a different axis. (e.g. CylinderMesh only goes along the Y-axis, Cylinder part shape only goes along X-axis)

Line width and height: Two values that determine the line’s width and height in studs (default value is 1)


You can install the plugin here:
From A-to-B V2 - Roblox



  • Roblox User ThatChristianGuy for providing grid snap method
  • Stravant’s (tnavarts’) geometry tools as a source of inspiration
Demonstration video

Here’s a demonstration video (please excuse me if I’m bad at showing demonstrations):
JI4hJtCcVM GIF | Gfycat

Update 1 (2021-05-05)

  • Fixed an issue with the plugin not working anymore.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I must have forgotten about this plugin.