Frozey | Moderation Team General Information

Moderation Team Information Documentation

The Moderation Team is expected to Moderate Frozey establishments and Communications Servers. If someone is breaking the rules, you are expected to take appropriate action, and assess the punishment.

If someone files for an appeal, the moderation team will be expected to start an investigation. You will have to find what catergory the action fits into, and then assign the punishment that way. Whenever a Staff Member (Helper+) is accused of breaking the rules, a investigation must open up as well. The Moderation Team may directly message other users who may of witnessed anything taking place in order to gather information.

Moderation Trello Logging

Whenever a Moderation Investigation occurs, it must be logged in the Moderation Investigation Trello Board, and assigned a 4 digit code. Please contact a Moderation Officer to be invited to this Trello Board.

Moderation Investigations Levels and Punishments

Level 0 Infraction

This signifies no wrong doing was found, or no clear and concise evidence can be produced. No punishment happens at this stage. After an investigation has been closed with a ‘Level 0’ punishment, the Moderation Team will have a seven day window to re-open the case if information or proof surfaces. Any evidence pertaining to the situation that surfaces after this one week time period must be nullified and void.

Level 1 Infraction

A Level 1 Infraction signifies that wrongdoing was found, and evidence has been presented to support this claim. Evidence that is inconsistent, or not show any major offence being broken, but rather a minor offence being broken should be given a Level 1 Infraction. The punishment for a Level 1 infraction is a suspension of three days, and a warning.

Level 2 Infraction

A Level 2 Infraction signifies that a minor offence has been broken. The evidence is clear and concise, and from a reliable source. The punishment for a Level 2 Infraction is a suspension of thirty days.

Level 3 Infraction

A Level 3 Infraction signifies that a major offence has been broken. The evidence is clear and concise, and from a reliable source. The punishment for a Level 3 Infraction is a demotion from rank, and a suspension from entering any Frozey establishments for two weeks.

Level 4 Infraction

A Level 4 Infraction is reserved for Admin Abuse. Any form of admin abuse with clear and concise evidence towards the claim will be issued a permanent blacklist from all Frozey games, and the communications server.


Investigation Outcome Template

Greetings, [there username]
My name is [your username], and I am the lead investigator in your open Moderation Action case. I’m here to inform you that the Moderation has come to a collective agreement on your case.
The Moderation Team has decided to issue a Level [Level Number] Infraction on you for your actions. This level indicates that we [ have / have not ] gathered enough evidence to allow for a punishment to occur. A Level [Level Number] Infraction indicates [punishment]
Due to the private and confidential information associated with a moderation investigation, you are the only person who can request additional information. If you would like to request more information, please contact me and reference the Moderation Ticket [Moderation Ticket Number]
[Your Username]
[Your Rank], Lead Investigator for Ticket Number [Ticket Number]

In conclusion, this post properly outlines the correct set of guidelines and actions in order to ethically and properly complete Moderation tasks. If you have any questions regarding this post, please message a CEO+. They will answer any questions you may potentially have.