Frozey | Senior Cashier Promotion Guide

Senior Cashier Promotion Protocol


The Senior Cashier Promotion Protocol (SCPP) is a protocol which is called into effect whenever a Senior Cashier is being considered for the position of Helper.


If someone believes that a Senior Cashier is doing a great job, they may submit a referral to a CSO+. Anyone can submit a referral. Anyone below Helper who wishes to submit a referral would directly message it to any MR/HR in the game. Helper’s and above would DM there promotion request to a CSO+.

Clearance Levels

Submit a referral - Customer +
Initiate an In-Game Promotion - Administration Team +
Approve a Senior Cashier Promotion - Chief Staff Officer +

In-Game Promotions

In-game promotions are defined as promotions that happen in the Frozey Parlor itself. These are done at random times and intervals. These individuals did not write a Helper application! In order for someone to get promoted to Helper, it must first be run through with a Chief Staff Officer or above. A few examples of reasons to promote someone with are:

  • Amazing activity.
  • Large amount of Cashier Points.
  • Attends shifts frequently.
  • No previous bans.
  • Large amount of referrals.

Application Promotions

At times, Frozey opens up Helper applications that Senior Cashiers can apply to. These applications are voted on by the Communications Team. After someone has been voted to become a part of the Frozey MR Team, they will be asked to attend the second stage of the promotion. In this stage, they will once more be tested on grammar and intellectual skills, as well as a test to ensure they don’t possess safe-chat.


In conclusion, this post properly outlines the correct set of guidelines and actions in order to ethically and properly promote someone to Senior Cashier. If you have any questions regarding this post, please message a CEO+. They will answer any questions you may potentially have.