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Staff Inactivity Protocol Documentation


Staff Inactivity is defined by anyone Helper+ being inactive for more than two weeks. This includes no message history in the Discord server for over 2 weeks, and not attending a training session in 2 weeks. Staff Inactivity is normal, but it is important to declare it within the Trello the day you leave. To avoid the Staff Inactivity Protocol being issued on you, make sure you declare your absence in the ‘Leave of Absence Request’ section of the Trello Board.

Staff Inactivity Protocol Guide

If someone has been inactive for two weeks or more, a CSO+ may issue the Staff Inactivity Protocol on the individual. They will be given two weeks to answer the message. Failure to do so will result in their demotion.

Clearance Level

Issue Staff Inactivity Forms - Chief Staff Officer+
Initiate Staff Inactivity Protocol - Chief Staff Officer+
Demote Inactive Staff - Chief Staff Officer+

Staff Inactivity Initiation

Two Week Inactivity Initiation

To initiate the Staff Inactivity Protocol, the user must have no logged session attendance on the Trello, and no logged messages in the Communication Server. You must inform the user using the correct template (See Message Initiation in Templates). After this, you must create a card in the Trello on the ‘Leave of Absence Request’ category. See photos below for clarification. In the cards description, you are required to give the date of when the Staff Inactivity Protocol was reached, and the date the user will be demoted if no contact is received within two weeks of issue.

Staff Inactivity Initiation - Response

If the user has responded before the two week grace period, you will be expected to turn the ‘Undeclared’ card into a regular inactivity card. You can do this by removing the ‘undeclared’ label and replacing it with the ‘Accepted’ label. Please make sure to ask when they plan to be back, and add it in the description of the card. See photo below for clarification. Please make sure to go over the importance of declaring your inactivity with them.

Staff Inactivity- No Response

If the user has not responded to your original message in two weeks, they must be demoted. At this point, the inactivity card can be deleted. They can get their rank back when they choose to message back, and show they can be active again. Please use the template below in the ‘Templates’ section.


Initiating the Staff Inactivity Protocol

Greetings username,
It has come to our attention that you have been inactive from Frozey for over two weeks without notifying us. To make sure you don’t lose your rank, please reply back ASAP to notify us when you’ll be able to be back. If you do not reply within two weeks, you will be demoted, and given your rank back once you can prove you’re active.
[Your Username]
[Your Rank]

Staff Inactivity Demotion

Greetings username
The Staff Inactivity Protocol was issued two weeks ago on your name. The next step in this process is your demotion. We’re sorry to see you go. Once you come back, and prove you can be active, the Staff Team will gladly promote you back. If you have any questions, please reply back to this message at your earliest convenience. Thank you.
[Your Username]
[Your Rank]

In conclusion, this post properly outlines the correct set of guidelines and actions in order to ethically and properly demote a Staff Member. If you have any questions regarding this post, please message a CEO+. They will answer any questions you may potentially have.