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:wave: Welcome to Frozia’s Scooper Guide!
This guide was created for all of our LR staff (Trainee - Star Scooper) to be made aware of what is expected of them, tips for promotions, and much more. Any questions regarding this guide can be brought to an executive.

Scooper Expectations

:question: Below you can find everything that is expected of you when you are at the parlor, an event, a training session, or engaging within the community. If you have any questions - don’t be afraid to reach out to a Chief Relations Officer or above!

Hard Work: As an LR, you are expected to always work hard while at the parlor or at a training session. You can only really be promoted through hard work and determination. Slacking off or going inactive for long periods of time will decrease your chances of a promotion. Keep working hard and you may be noticed.

Communicating: It is important for you to be able to communicate with customers and fellow Scoopers. This is why we ensure that you have good spelling, and easy-to-read greetings while working. You are not expected to use grammar while behind the register, but you are expected to make sure that your greetings are understandable for everyone. Don’t add long, confusing phrases or words to your greetings.

Helpfulness: You are expected to help people who you see are struggling behind the register. If a troller, exploiter or rude player is at their register and they are unsure of what to do, be sure to help them and teach them what to do for the next time. This will increase your chance of a promotion, and it shows that you are a team player and are always looking out for others.

Not all of the expectations have been put here. Please be mindful of your activity and keep working hard.


:tshirt: We are not very strict when it comes to uniforms for our LRs here at Frozia. You are really only expected to wear your uniform behind the register, in the kitchen, and during training sessions. You are allowed to wear it at events or award ceremonies. If you would like to wear the uniform outside of the kitchen, you are totally allowed to do so. Our uniform is for sale on our group “Store” tab if you would like to wear it at an event or special occasion. You shouldn’t really wear it outside of Frozia, only for Frozia affiliate events.

Rank Information & Capacities

Trainee - Rank Capacity: Infinite
Users who have successfully passed their trainee quiz at the quiz center. Trainees are not yet permitted to go behind the register, and instead, must attend trainings.

Junior Scooper - Rank Capacity: Infinite
Users who have passed their first training & are now permitted to go behind the register. As a Junior Scooper, it is recommended to use this time as a new LR to ask questions, ask for assistance and to learn the menu off-by-heart. Junior Scoopers are not yet done with their training, and must attend another training to be promoted.

Intermediate Scooper - Rank Capacity: Infinite
Users who have passed their second training. Intermediate Scoopers are expected to assist Junior Scoopers behind the register. They are encouraged to learn off the menu and be able to make all of the different items on the menu. Intermediate Scoopers are not quite experienced yet and must attend a training to be promoted.

Experienced Scooper - Rank Capacity: Infinite
Users who have passed their third and final training. Experienced Scoopers are skilled at their craft and know what they are doing. They work extremely hard to ensure that everyone is happy with their order. Experienced Scoopers are expected to work hard for their next promotion, and must be willing to help a lower-ranked staff member when they need assistance.

Star Scooper - Rank Capacity: Infinite
Users who have been noticed by an MR+ for their hard work and diligence as an Experienced Scooper. Star Scooper is the highest LR rank, and are masters at their work. Star Scoopers are the leaders of the LR team and must be willing to assist lower ranked staff. This rank is available to be purchased for 1,499 robux. You will gain all of the benefits of the Star Scooper rank, however, you will have to work hard to be noticed.

Training Times

:memo: Below you can find all of the available training times here at Frozia. If you notice that your timezone is not located here, please convert all of the times to your correct timezone. Any questions regarding training times can be directed to a Coordinator or above.

Monday - Sunday
06:00 AM ET | 11:00 AM GMT
10:00 AM ET | 15:00 PM GMT
14:00 PM ET | 19:00 PM GMT
18:00 PM ET | 23:00 PM GMT
22:00 PM ET | 03:00 AM GMT

Please note that trainings are cancelled on holidays only to allow for our community to spend time with friends and family!

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:alarm_clock: This guide was last edited on February 6th, 2023.