Fruitie's | LR Promotion Guide

Fruitie’s LR Promotion Guide


After you pass your Trainee interview or application, you first question will most likely be “How do I rank up from Trainee?”

Ranking at Fruitie’s is based off of the amount of worker points you have. You will be awarded one worker point per each customer served. It is also possible to purchase worker points in our in-game shop.

Required Points:
Junior Barista - 50
Barista - 100
Senior Barista - 175
Head Barista - 250
Staff Assistant Eligibility - 350 (See here)
^^Required points are subject to change at any time.^^

After you reach the required points, you will be automatically promoted to the next rank by one of our bots. Should you for whatever reason not be automatically promoted, please inform a member of Management Team+ who will manually rank you and inform a developer to look into the issue.

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