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Fruitie’s MR Promotion Guide


Staff Assistant
The first step in becoming an MR at Fruitie’s is to take the position of “Staff Assistant”. You can think of this position as a trial MR position. As a Staff Assistant, you job will be helping out employees, ensuring the restaurant is safe from trollers and exploiters, and proving yourself worthy for a higher rank through your activity and diligence.

There are two ways to become a Staff Assistant here at Fruitie’s:

  • Through hard work, a Management Team+ member might recommend you for a promotion. Once recommended, you will have to answer a short application. If you pass, you will be promoted.
  • Occasionally, we will host Staff Assistant applications. There are two phases to this process: the application itself as well as a second short interview session hosted at the interview center.

Moving Forward From Staff Assistant
Once you’ve reached the rank of Staff Assistant, moving up from there will be up to how active you are in the community. The more active and professional you are, the better your chances of getting promoted are.

Fruitie’s does not give promotions on the basis of favoritism. If you believe a staff member is recommending/promoting on the basis of favoritism, please contact a COO+.

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