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Hello, I am Danger. Today I will be showcasing my semi-large game: Find The Dominus. I have been working on this game before its posted creation of May 7th, 2018, and the game has sure blown up since. Because I am excited to show this creation with you all, I will include some images to give you a better understanding of it.


Find The Dominus, an adventure game in which you as players are sent to search for Dominus. The search will take a little skill as you’re challenged with traps and natural land-forms. These obstacles are placed all over the map to prevent you from finding the Dominus but don’t worry, who said that you couldn’t fight back.

I would be very pleased if I could get some feedback on how you perceive the game and what you would crave to see in it, whether or not you have played it.

  • Forgive me if this is the wrong topic location to post this kind of information.
  • The game may lag or not load for some individuals.

I tried to play your game but it took forever to find an available server and when I did finally start loading in, the game glitched me out :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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This is the wrong category post this in #help-and-feedback:building-support or in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support

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My apologies, one difficult thing I have had many issues with is for the fact that some players may be removed or have to wait for the game to load. I’ll look into some more possible issues to prevent that event from happening to you and to other players again.

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That’s what I thought, thank you for the correction.

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From what I could see from the pictures, it looks like a cool game, it’s too bad I couldn’t play :upside_down_face:

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I can’t figure out how to play the game. :grimacing:

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Do you know what exactly you’re stuck on, or is the game at a confusing state where finding an objective is difficult?

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Can you join me in the game?! Please?

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Sure can, thanks for playing by the way. I will look into creating the flying ability for mobile and other devices.

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OK, so I played for a few minutes, and my impression is that you need to give players more guidance and feedback for when they do the right thing.

I spawned on a tiny island, and hopped on a boat. I targeted a nearby island with a hill on it & a waterfall running down the sides. When I got there, there were all sorts of things I wanted to interact with, but couldn’t – a red “X” on the ground, a message in a bottle, etc. Not sure if the game is scripted so you can’t interact with anything, or if I just didn’t have instructions. Either way, would be nice to fix.

I then swam behind the waterfall because that seems like an obvious place to hide a dominus. In fact, that was true. But, touching this dominus did nothing. It was super unsatisfying. I left this game unsure if I missed some important detail.

My advice: provide some sort of guidance. An adventure game of this sort could be cool, but I think you need to do more scripting so that:

  1. The user understands what their quest is.
  2. The user knows when they’ve accomplished their quest.
  3. They have a place to go when they need help.

I might even suggest having an actual guide (NPC character) to start people off. Or maybe have a first mate who hangs out on the ship & you can talk to when you’re unsure what to do.

On the plus side, I liked:

  1. The music was great. I felt like I was on an adventure.
  2. The few islands I visited were pretty.

After exploring the game, it’s clear that you’ve put a lot of time and effort making it. I especially like that you’ve given each island its own unique features. The dynamic sound system that changes the sound playing as you arrive on each island is also a nice touch.

Overbearing Sounds

Speaking of the sound system, while I think it’s a nice feature and I feel that some of the tracks fitted their corresponding environment quite well, such as the grand music for the Boss Battle area, I think some of the other tracks were a little bit distracting or overbearing, especially on the less treacherous islands.

If I were to offer a suggestion, I think experimenting with the use of different ambient soundscapes as opposed to classical music might help to make the sounds more immersive and less distracting.

Team Bug

I also encountered a minor bug that rapidly switched my current team between “Adventurer” and “Seafarer” when landing on an island. This bug can be reproduced by doing the following:

  1. Board a ship next to the spawn island
  2. Direct the ship to the closest small island north of the wooden boardwalk
  3. On arriving at the island, exit the ship and walk on the island

When these steps are followed, the player’s team will switch between Adventurer” and “Seafarer” a number of times, as seen in the screenshot provided.

Boat Design

As other players in the game at the time also expressed, the design of the boat is unconventional and personally, I didn’t realise it was a boat until a few moments after joining the game.

I think a more traditionally-designed boat, such as a wooden raft, dinghy or pirate ship, would better suit the game’s theme of exploration and help to avoid any possible confusion.


Overall I enjoyed looking for each Dominus and discovering the world’s hidden secrets along the way. As mentioned above, it’s clear that you’ve put a lot of time and effort into the game’s creation.

Keep up the good work!


I completely agree with the more guidance for players idea.

  • I am currently in the progress of developing an on-surface gui and help button that allows players to interact with the information they need to know about the game and how to play it.
  • The small objects you discovered in the game were not for interaction, but for decoration, though some items may be for interactive activities.

I also had a few players come in and state that the Dominus were not wearable, and I discovered a bug with the hat attachments, so I’ll be working on that problem too. Thanks for the feedback, and I will be looking forward to working with your information based off your experience in the game.

Thank you for your feedback, I had a great experience exploring the various islands I have included in the game, as well as the countless objects available for players to discover.

  • I am glad you have spotted the bug with the switching of teams, I realize thanks to you, that the code I have created that fixed that problem in the past has came back to haunt me.
  • I once again apologies for the misinterpretation of the boat, and I will be glad to start another, more familiar vessel to solve that mystery.
  • Sound is a very calming addition I think the game needed, and you’re totally right about the classical music being distracting to players (because of a lack of other music). I will start right away on searching for more exciting and different tracks for the game.

Once again, thank you for playing, and hopefully I’ll see you come back to enjoy the game.


Do you want a specific boat (must be wooden/old) added in the game or would you like me to create one based on knowledge?

Personally, I think something similar to a wooden dinghy would be a nice fit for the game as it’s neither overly simplistic or unnecessarily complex.

With that said though, it would probably be best if you decided on the boat’s design yourself. You know your level of building ability and the kind of style you like to create more than I do, after all.

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It sounds like a wonderful idea!

  • I have created similar boats in the past, but I think that keeping the same size-scale ‘like’ the dinghy + current vessel would be a creative add-on. In-fact, I have a stored boat capable of supporting 2-4+ players, so I’ll look into that as well.

I love the new boat: aaa

Thank you for your feedback.

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Well overall, I’ll start with your map design:

It’s plain.

Your map is overall good and everything, but I’m not seeing a lot of vegetation. For instance, flowers, grass, and different tree’s, and different tree sizes.

Your cave.

The cave is great however maybe add some lighting to the crystals? Make them shine a bit like on lighting 1.7 or something, that would make them look a bit more like you’re in a fantasy world type of a thing.


Overall the map is great, everything I listed is my opinion.

Thank you for your feedback.

I agree with your observation on the lack of vegetation, that’s one massive project I keep questioning myself on. In previous updates, I have had a lot of vegetation that would produce lag no matter the size or amount. I have concluded a lot of design’s from important additions of the game like vegetation because of lag. Underwater sea life was also an important add-on I did in the past, but seaweed and fish were all removed for the same reasons.

  • For the cave, that’s just one of MANY included within the map. Quite a few islands include a cave and don’t lack any unnecessary objects (though some do). I will also look into the lighting of the game/cave(s).

To finish off, I do respectfully agree with your opinion and am happy to reply with an excited manner to use your ideas with my game. So, thank you once again.

No problem, I love helping the community. If you’re thinking about putting in grass, this plugin listed below is really nice and doesn’t produce lag:


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