Full Server Queue

Hello there, I would like to request a feature called Full Server Queue.
Currently, when you join a server that is full it displays a sort of a timer and says that it’s full and that it is retrying to join.

My suggestion is that the timer part is replaced with a queue size. As in… how many people there are before you that are queuing for that server. This will help with the constant frustration when trying to join a full server.


Support onto this becoming a feature, along with another feature request as well. As a user, I want to see how big the queue is, how many users are waiting, and the approximate time it’ll take to join a server.

With this, I can take my time to do other important things to do while joining a full-server like fixing some bugs, VSCode development, or watch a video in the meantime, also with this being the case:

Big YouTubers or event-holders that host VIP servers have a backlog of users joining, having something like this for development or user purposes seems reasonable to add onto the Engine / Platform.


Thanks for filing this. We just enabled Full Server Queue! See my other reply in the duplicate feature request


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