Future Is Bright: Phase 2 - Studio beta

Very nice!

Gives really good lightning I’m going to be using it for sure!

I believe that would be the third and final phase


Scene runs at 50 fps on integrated graphics at quality level 8. Looking forward to phase 2.5 & 3 :slight_smile:


As am I, though I remember asking about normal maps during RDC last year and was told that it was deep down below in their priority list.

Very cool! Any idea about when we’ll be seeing it in game?

Custom materials (which should very well include normal maps) is planned for Q4 this year.

Source: What's Coming in 2019: This Year's Developer Roadmap


Well this makes me sad.

When I first read it, I could’ve swore it said it was coming this quarter. I guess I misread it.

Here are some screenshots of a new map I’m developing for Redshift Arena currently.
I’m a really big fan of how water actually has reflections with light sources other than the sun!!

Only problem I can see is how the light source unrealistically reacts with the water.

Overall, this is a fantastic update and I can’t wait to see the new shadowmap system be implemented into light objects. :slight_smile:


Well time to build a whole new map just to swoon over the shadows. :yum::+1:

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Will light sources other than the sun also be using the same shadow technology in the future?

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Yes, in Phase 3 of future is bright. This has been answered too many times already, please read the posts above you.


The hood? :fire: :fire: I played around in one the “cars” in that place a few months ago :joy:

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Roblox has honestly come a long way, and the new lighting features reminds me of this :pray: :praisethelordzeuxcg:

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Is there anyway shadows could render further?

From a far distance, it seems to disappear; but it looks great, hopefully Roblox can look as good as Unreal Engine, making creations far more realistic in lengths.


I was about to type out a long reply in support of this but it turns out zeuxcg already addressed this, in short yes this will be adjusted.


I was running the time of day quickly on a loop in my place, watching the shadows, and I noticed, it feels a bit odd when the moon comes up, and there is no moonlight.

So I was wondering, are there any plans to have moonlight shadows?


I love it!

It looks really great only thing that feels a bit odd is that the shadows “Teleport” when the sun moves smoothly


I just tested it on my laptop. It’s super optimized, I’m impressed.

	Average: 57 FPS
	1% Low: 37 FPS
	0.1% Low: 35 FPS
	Min: 38 FPS
	Max: 62 FPS

	Average: 60 FPS
	1% Low: 52 FPS
	0.1% Low: 48 FPS
	Min: 59 FPS
	Max: 61 FPS

This is on my T430, which has an i5-3320M and an HD 4000. I serious thought I’d be getting an average of like 40 instead of 57.


Wow, this is fantastic. Thank you guys so much for the progress on this. My potato doesn’t handle it too well on max graphics, but I’m not complaining, because that’s my problem, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Amazing work!

RobloxScreenShot20190422_135857238 RobloxScreenShot20190422_140140905


Note: I’m not sure if this has been reported already, so if it has, please notify me

First of all, I absolutely love this update. It really shows how far Roblox has gone, from legacy not having good object shadows to Shadow maps, having pretty good object shadows. With that being said, there is one problem I noticed when testing this feature. If you have a part and then union a hole in it, the part of the light that is let through nearest to the base of the object is a bit buggy. I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not, but in my opinion, it doesn’t look the best.


Other than that, this is a really good improvement for lighting. Thank you to the team that worked on this.