Future Lighting Missing

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I want my game to have future lighting, to look cool.

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I add future lighting, and it doesn’t work, but it works on all other lighting modes.

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Restarting studio, Updating my computer to the latest version of Windows 10, Restarting my computer.

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Top: Future
Bottom: Shadowmap

This happens on all my other games too.

My horror game: The Circle has this issue.

Along with my other game: The Dungeon

I cant make roblox games with this bug, and i cant continue development. At this point i might just give up on Roblox, might aswell just move to unity.


I think this is more like a roblox bug, any game that use Future graphics has broken lighting(at least for me), as a temporary fix try lowering your graphics settings.

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I also have this little bug in the lighting, and it’s very stressful…
I hope it gets fixed soon


How to reproduce it?

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i dunno, it just happens to me

How to Reproduce;
Changing lighting technology to Future, change the EditorQualityLevel to 07 or higher, change graphics mode to anything other than Vulkan, and use a SurfaceLight, PointLight, or SpotLight inside of a part (enabled).
I’m also experiencing a secondary bug with double shadows (unsure if related to the same bug), here’s a picture of both the SpotLight & second bug with Future enabled and EditorQualityLevel at 21 with the clock time different than default.

This bug is so annoying, I don’t know why this is happening.
It works all the time.

I have found the solution!
or well, Haruka @LostFiftyFityGotQiqi did.


Although, this issue still occurs on robloxplayer.
we have to find a way.