Future Technology Causing Major Strobing

While in my test place this morning, I discovered that on Xbox (both One & Series X) moving my player or camera even slightly causes major light artifacting bordering on strobing.

Here is a video example recorded from Series X:

This video was taken here for reproduction purposes:


I am having that problem too


This is not only on Xbox, I’m on PC… I get the same result.

Idk why but try raising your graphics higher, that made is better.
if you lower your graphics the “Black Circle” will get more intense and its going to be annoying.

ROBLOX, Please fix this bug.


I was getting the “black circle” issue a couple weeks ago on my iPhone 11.


Can confirm this happens on my game, my X-Box players complain about the lighting quite a bit :frowning: .


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


this is definitely not only for the xbox platform, I’ve been experiencing this issue ever since Future lighting was released into the production enviroment, it’s mildly annoying my eyes with this extremely strobing light.

this affects both the game client and studio, here are some gems displaying this issue


I have the same problem with my flashlight. The only way I could fix it was disabling the shadows in the light, which kind of messed up the clean flashlight look :frowning:

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It could still happen if the person was exposed for a long time. People who have this medical condition are very sensitive to flashing lights and contrasting. There is a lot of sudden flashing going on that could cause epileptic seizures.

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Agreed. This bug is still happening, and is pretty severe at certain angles.




This also happened to me, it’s like my gobal shadow is spamming on and off when I reduce my graphic and increase it back. Even I didn’t do that, it still happen but in the less rate.


I would say try using spotlight’s they seem to subside the prob a bit better and graphics all the way up but other than that nothing you can really do.

I can only reproduce this on PC when there’s terrain and parts overlapping. Could be useful to roblox staff.