Gambling, and rules on gambling

I read that:

And (can’t find source for this one)

“If you implement a token system (once a day, or if they win a game) that could limit gambling to use when it was earned”

And i just want to be in the clear. And i always disliked pay-to-win games so robux won’t be involved in gambling in ANY step of the process (earn-to-win). I understand that this is mostly looked down upon and on a case-by-case basis, but is there other limitations i could implement (aka: 13+ only, no money loss, ect…).

I am willing to talk about my game and the way it works to perhaps figure out a solution.
Thanks in advance for the advices.

What type of gambling are you talking about? Egg systems? Random box? Or literal casinos?

The third kind. But even that would be limited and age restricted. And not the full experience, just a small one, along side the many games we’ll make (the main place is the lobby and the game’s places will be games. a hub in other words)

The in-game currency is shared with all of the games connected to the hub.

Hmmm, it will be hard to set up a age control. So is it like just spin the wheel? Because I can think of spin the wheel being allowed as long as you lost down the chances of getting the items. And you must at least get something.

I was planning on, if you spend this “token” you get some money, and if you lose the bet, you get the money back you put in, so there is no penalty, and if you lose you still get money from the token.

Edit: The age restriction is not that hard, i can just get if the player is 13+, and if not, then he goes back to the hub.

Yeah, but how do you get the age? I think this is okay if you list your chances of winning. Same goes for egg systems and random boxes

That is a good idea, listing chances. And i should list skill and luck based games just to be sure.

And i’ll look into how i can get the age. You cannot get the exact age (because legal reasons), but you can get if the account is 13+.

EDIT 06/20/2023

As of the same date of this edit, Roblox has officially moved to ban simulated gambling by September 18th, 2023 (in 3 months), which means that all forms of gambling are no longer allowed on the platform. This contrasts the prior stance to which, as long as there was no Robux involved, it could be passable.

The advice in this post is no longer accurate. Please avoid sharing this as an answer. For more information, please see Updating our policy on simulated gambling in the thread Create Experiences for People 17 and Older on Roblox.

You’re immediately in the clear when you meet the minimum requirements of having no Robux involved in the system directly or indirectly and if the chances are not skewed or rigged in favour of the developer in any way. I source this primarily from the Community Rules which leaves little room for doubt.

Gambling with Robux or real money.
Section I Rule 11 (Dangerous, illegal and unethical activities).

Do not implement any gambling or casino style games that involve real money in any way. This includes Robux, as Robux can be purchased for real money. Games should also be fair and not be skewed in the developer’s favor.
Section II Rule 1 (Building your game).

Roblox Community Rules. Accessed 20 November 2020.

Anything beyond that is completely your choice and simply adds contributes towards restrictions or anti-addiction strategies. Limiting the amount of times players can gamble per day or other time period is not a requirement, though it might be a comfort strategy so players aren’t constantly participating in gambling features in your game. It may also help into a one-size-fits-all solution for countries that don’t outlaw gambling but place restrictions on the activity.

There currently doesn’t exist a way to restrict features according to a player’s age and there’s no need to do that either. As far as money loss goes, this is a separate topic on its own. Roblox has two separate policies handling Robux purchases and items. If it’s possible to always win something from your activity, then you must start adhering to the random virtual items policy rather than the gambling policy.

The restrictions are a little more relaxed when it comes to paid random virtual items: you can involve Robux here, but you must then include true and full disclosure about the chances of earning rewards from your activity (either by rarity, by individual item or any other appropriate measure). There are some regions where you need to restrict use of these generators however; that is where you will need to involve PolicyService and read off ArePaidRandomItemsRestricted from a player’s policies.

Here are some resources around player policies and the random virtual items policy:

Gambling is available plain and simple in the Community Rules, there’s no dedicated thread.


Wow. You went above and beyond. More than helpfull. It’s nice to see moderators (or any high priority member for that matter) are not absent, unlike some unnamed (as to not send hate) community i was involved with recently.

I now know more about the rules and will make this section of my game according to it, with some additional safety features. Nice to see everyone looking out for the community.

Thanks for making it more understandable @lesserfantasy! :smiley:

Marked as solution, and thank you for your time.

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For all I know, if its talking about gambling for in-game currency of a Roblox game, Roblox would might be allowing you to do so, but mainly they will not allow you to gamble within Robux in the Roblox Community. That’s against the ToS