Game being exploited heavily, not sure how to resolve

Yes, or sometimes within a few minutes of a new server

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The hacker can break other servers from 1 server?

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Well there only is one server running- we shutdown the server, and when we rejoin, he manages to do it again

@deluc_t is right,You guys clearly have a backdoor in your game and need to check your game again thoroughly, there called backdoors for a reason you cant expect to find the backdoor if your going through the front one

PBAN him? Isent that a straight forward solution

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Yeah that actually would be a good solution but if the backdoor is still there he can hop on an alt account

      if player.AccountAge < 10 then
         Kick:(player,"Account not old enough")
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@Vong25 Could I help you with the anti-exploit script?

We are unsure of who it is, so we dont know who to pban

May you please screenshot the developer console (F9) the server section?

@loveicicIe I have checked the game, there are no backdoors.

@Vur3e We can not pban them if we do not know who it is.

@HarrowedCrobix Sure, if you post the Anti-Exploit script here, Zack or I will look at it and maybe implement it into the game.

Now they just deleted all players, and we cannot chat

There’s some backdoor admins going around, such as HD and khol’s, so make sure if you have admin they are by the original creators.

Just ban him and set up this in a player added event

      if player.AccountAge < 10 then

Ok, I’ll make it then send it to you. It’ll use discord webhooks, so do you have a discord server.

Shut down the game servers and make the game private until the issue is resolved.

We already have that, an account age minimum

Alright whos the exploiter, whats the name?
I dont get why you dont just ban em

We do not know, nor is there a way to tell who it is

You can check logs

@DarkDanny04 We have the official version of Basic Admin Essentials 2.0 made by TheFurryFish.

@HarrowedCrobix Yes, we have a Discord server.