Game brings you into “Place Redirection?”

So, today I was testing an upcoming game of mine until it teleported me into a game called “Place Redirection”

I have no clue what even caused this, I checked everything and nothing was there. I need help on how to fix this.



I got the same thing yesterday! I was testing an upcoming game too! I checked my entire game and I found nothing.

One way I like searching for viruses is by typing “Script” in the explorer and looking through all the scripts in the game.

Do Ctrl-Shift-F, And search for scripts that have require in them.

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Same thing was happening to me, removed some plugins and the problem got resolved

It seems to happen randomly to random people

I just created a warning post about it as I just got another one. They seem like they are getting more frequent

Hmm, yeah maybe Roblox should do something about it…

Just happened to me (sry that the screenshots are on a phone):

The image above is a fake loading screen inside of the game. It goes on forever.

I’d like to bring more visibility to these points that should help protect against these situations. If you follow these, you shouldn’t experience problems like this in the future.

This is quoted from the end of my thread on removing and preventing malicious ‘backdoors’ like this. It’s often missed since it concludes the post so I’m bringing it up here.

The rest of the post guides on how to free your game of these issues.

Tl;dr verify everything you insert, just like it’s your computer.

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It’s not happening randomly, they are coming from infected models or plugins. If there’s a rising number of cases then it could just mean that some particular malicious plugin had its payload activated today. I highly doubt that there’s someone out there ‘hacking’ into places and putting scripts in. It’s almost always from plugins and models.

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Thanks for the feedback! :grin: 30char

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I suggest you run a scan with GameGuard Antivirus. This plugin will detect the virus (most definetly) and possibly find even more as well. The problem you are recieving is require, teleportservice, or getfenv which the plugin can easily detect and remove.

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