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Hello, I am Mark (You can call me Marekmarian). And today, I will show you what your game should look like in specific genres.

I will always link a few videos as references at the bottom of the genre

Yeah, I will probably turn the Game Design topics into series lol


Everything bellow


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-Adventure genre mostly stands for either exploration games or RPG games

-They’re always multiplayer, and mostly fictional (It has abnormal stuff - magic, etc)

-They have an open world.

-They are very replay-able

-How to give the audience an adventurous feeling-

There are multiple ways to do this;

Way 1

The player has full control of the environment,

The player can interact with a lot of NPCs.

Way 2

The player doesn’t have full control of his environment,

The player has a lot of enemies to attack

The player has a very big world to explore (Boosts replayability)

+Maybe a story?



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The title actually says it all, but if you still don’t know;

So… Building games are all about building, this genre has died out when the FE update came out.

Fun fact: People almost always get into the ‘building zone’ when playing these games

In case you want to make a game like that, there are also multiple ways to do it.

Way 1

Stamper, and I’m sure that all of you know what a stamper is (It’s been in the classic building game by ROBLOX)

Way 2

Build mode, just like in Bloxburg.

Way 3

Lumber tycoon 2-like building - you need to get resources to make something


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Comedies have simplistic art-styles, and they’re often simplistic.

I was not really sure how to describe this



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Very hard to achieve, but sometimes simple.
-Horror games are often predictable (That means that the player is not scared)
-Horror games often contain a ‘Villain’ of the story.
-Horror games are mysterious

Well, there are multiple ways to achieve this.

1)- Unpredictable

Do unexpected, do not let players expect what will happen.

Jumpscares are very predictable

2)- No power

Make the players feel unconfrontable, small… Like they don’t have any power.

Slowly raising the unconfrontable level between player and the game is a good way to do it

3)- Good lighting

Good lighting always scares the audience.


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Means: “First Person Shooter”,

First-person shooters are mostly targeted by the 13+ audience, they often have very realistic weapons, and animations.

How to achieve the feeling of FPS?

The answer is simple.

First Person + Shooting = FPS so;

-They often have a small map so the game is fast-paced
-They often have dynamic sounds (You can do it in Roblox too)

Way 1)

Multiplayer FPS game, like Phantom Forces, gives the player that perfect feeling of a good FPS game

Way 2)

You can make a story game out of it, like Entry Point. It has a very good feeling of a good FPS game.


Town And City

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Town and city genre games are often roleplay games which are located either in a city or a town.
Town of Robloxia
Welcome To Bloxburg

TAC = Town and City

-TaC games often have a large map for the players to roleplay
-TaC games often have a large number of cars to choose from

There are multiple ways to make a game like this:

A) Player-economy
A good example of this is Anomic, you need players to do a job, so the game will be actually functional.

B) Roleplay
A good example of this is Welcome To Bloxburg, you can do anything you want, and you will always be able to (Sometimes, if you have enough money)


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Familiar to FPS, but this time; it can include roleplaying.
Examples of this are training games.
How are they made?
-They always have a group, with a lot of ranks (’[1] Recruit’, etc)
-They are led by the highest rank


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The title says it all but;
A game which is mostly fictional (Has things that wouldn’t happen IRL)
The game has castles, villages, knights, etc.

Types of medieval games

A) Roleplay
A roleplay-Medieval game doesn’t include any combat damage. It often includes a big interactive map, and interactive things (Tools, etc.)

B) No roleplaying
This type does include combat damage, it’s mostly a game like ‘Skyrim’ and it’s RPG



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Sci-fi is a shortcut for “Science Fiction”, it is a genre of speculative fiction that typically deals with imaginative and futuristic concepts such as advanced science and technology, space exploration, time travel, parallel universes, and extraterrestrial life.

-Sci-fi games always have at least 1 futuristic element (Futuristic cars, weapons, cities, etc.)



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So, naval means that you are on a ship it can be either an aircraft carrier or just a pirate ship.

-Naval games often have open-world
-Naval games have often at least 2 teams (There are few cases where you’re singleplayer.)
-Player can easily control the ship and fire cannons.



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The title explains it well, but if you don’t understand;
Roblox has been recently flushed with fighting games, (JBA/Jojo’s bizarre adventure games)
-Fighting game’s main priority is always fighting, they should have a good fighting mechanism.
-Fighting games are often multiplayer



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Western games are located in the 18-19th century, they’re often games where you can rob banks, ride horses, and stuff

-Western games often have a rob-able train
-Western games always have revolvers
-Western games are often ‘immersive’
-Western games are often open-world


Thank you for reading, I hope this helped you in some way

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I disagree with the Comedy category’s oversimplification, it can be a very well-developed genre and although I have no examples on hand, I can recall laughing myself to tears due to outstanding writing in some games, not based on ridiculousness such as destruction. You generally seem to misrepresent Comedy, Cartoonish worlds have nothing to do with it, comedy has various flavours, it also isn’t always easy to understand, it can easily be more complex than that.

Addictiveness is a side-effect of a funny and entertaining game due to how your body functions, don’t write up your game with addictiveness in mind, associate it rather with endorphin release which in turn leads to the user usually wanting to return.

Your example isn’t directly funny, it’s hilarity in consequence to ridiculousness.

I’d guess the audience tends to range between 8-12 for light hearted and simple comedy, the middle age group would be more attracted to genres such as FPS/Building/Military and adults/young adults would likely also look into comedy with more appeal.


You’re actually right. I was not very sure how to explain comedy in the way that I should’ve

Btw, I did not mean that they have to be poorly developed. I said that they’re sometimes doing it on purpose.


Finally finished this thread, it’s not perfect but I finished it It took me so long mainly because school :neutral_face:
If I forgot anything, please let me know.