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As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to determine how players are finding our games.

We are left in the dark to one of the most vital statistics in all of Roblox game dev, how people are finding our game to begin with.

We have user ads, sponsored ads, game sorts, recommended from other games, home page real estate, favorites, youtube videos linking us, twitter, etc. All of these sources, but absolutely no way of knowing which is the most vital to our game’s success.

Here is an illustration of an example that should be included by default in developer stats with this feature added.

We will be able to better judge if our ads are what is doing the work for getting new players to try our experiences, or if the goal of our ads is to get more players in and see how much that helps players find us from the popular sort. The point is, we don’t know what the reality is, and I know we would like to know these things! There are so many opportunities for stat-minded developers to improve their marketing with these stats.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, the Roblox developer community can truly harness the power behind how to maximize people finding our game, improving all of Roblox.

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10/10 support.
As an added suggestion, I would love it if that could be more in depth than just a chart. If you look at youtube analytics or general google analytics it gives you specific links, webpages, etc, that people are coming from.
i.e. the “User Ad” section could have a drop down of all the ads for that game showing how many people played from each one, YT Vid one could show the top 5 videos people click from… something along those lines.

I would also love to see location stats as well. The new beta export thing has this but I think its necessary to include directly into the dev stats as a chart/graph as well.


Will be filing this! @TheAmazeman