Game Merchandise Sales Integration

The Issue

As a Roblox Developer it’s currently too hard to sell real-world merchandise (t-shirts, shirts, mugs, hoodies etc) of your game to your audience.

We, as developers, have this huge audience that we can work with- and they’re dedicated to what we do. It makes sense that we’re able to sell them physical items based off of our games. Unfortunately, Roblox’s link filtering makes this nearly impossible for us to do by ourselves whilst reaching our entire audience.

It’s wasted potential.

Why should I care?

Youtube sales culture these days is all about merchandise for the top channels; this isn’t just because they enjoy selling items with their branding on it, it’s because it is a substantial portion of their revenue.
Roblox fandoms are getting larger and larger by the day, and by cutting out this method of monetizing and building our own brands, we’re cutting out opportunities for the top developers on this site- including many of you. You’re losing opportunity.

Why should Roblox care?

As a platform, Roblox has been pushing recently to make developers their own independent entity, to enable them to build their names and brands and to effectively live off of Roblox. This is the next step in doing that.
Not only will this provide a huge monetization stream for developers, but there is potential for this to open untapped reserves of funding for Roblox as a corporation, funds that could enable the company to expand and allow developers to create even more immersive experiences.

Not only this, but by allowing developers to monetize their branding and content to such an extreme, Roblox would be enabling them to form more capable and talented studios and teams which overall increases productivity and quality of content outputted. It’s a win-win situation for developers and Roblox. It strengthens fandoms, promotes developer brands and Roblox, and creates a new method of increasing the economic system Roblox is building up.

The Solution

So I’ve spent a lot of time considering this, and these are the two solutions I have kind of come to in my mind;

Solution A

Roblox could partner with a company already offering some kind of clothing customization and drop-shipping service (similarly to how they partnered with Jazwares), such as Spreadshirt or FanJoy to form a merchandise system enabling users to create their own merchandise such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters etc and sell them through an integrated store on a Roblox game page. Because this would be a made-to-order drop-shipping service; developers would only receive a percentage of the profits, but it’s still profit that would be otherwise unavailable to developers. Roblox could impose their own ‘tax’ on merchandise sales, as they already do on other sales through the site.

Having an integrated store on your game page makes much more sense than having to promote one on external channels as you’re much more likely to reach far more of your audience than if you do promote on an external social channel, and it makes it easier for a consumer to purchase items- which of course makes them more likely to purchase because of the convenience.

I’ve made a quick mock-up of what I can imagine this to look like on the site below (not the best, I know- but it gets my idea across).

Solution B

Roblox could allow trusted developers to have a link or button leading to their own studio/game websites on the game’s page, this would enable users to find their own methods of selling the merchandise whilst reaching a good amount of their community (although not nearly as much as Solution A). This is a low cost solution to the issue, however it would make for a pretty ineffective solution when compared to Solution A. There would also be underlying moderation issues with this solution.

Closing Notes

I really think this is the next step for Roblox to take in the direction of developer independence and monetization, and would really be beneficial to all parties involved. Thank you for reading!

Thanks again,
Kyle :slight_smile:


I honestly really like the sound of this. It actually sounds like a simple, unique way for not only Roblox and the game’s developers to earn more revenue, but also to help get more people to play your games and Roblox as a whole.
Personally, of both of these solutions, I would go with Solution A; it seems like it would be a lot simpler to manage, a lot easier for people to find, and overall make a much bigger financial impact.

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Honestly Roblox should try to partner with a company like spreadshirt kinda like what Twitch did for its partners.

You’ll reach waaaay more people and have more revenue for both Roblox and developers if merch is UGC rather then hand-picked by Roblox.

Obviously merch will need to be manually approved, but this really seems like the better direction to go compared to selling generic shirts at Kohl’s.




I’d think it’d be necessary to have a minimum requirement in terms of place visits, or monthly players, in order to introduce merchandise simply to keep moderation demand low and fairly consistent.

A fee/‘tax’ would certainly mean this would bring in a tidy profit for Roblox though, I just don’t see why this hasn’t been done sooner.

Some financial analysts are now even suggesting top youtubers are earning equivalent amounts from their merchandise as they are from advertising, it’s a key part of social monetisation that we’re missing out on.


This could work as part of the Roblox Star Program which was previewed at RDC ( ), where players can apply to join the program and have merchandise sold on their behalf.

Sort of another topic, but it would be interesting if players with existing (official) merchandise like toys (and eventually clothes, books, etc) could opt to have those things displayed on their game’s page.


Yes more money me likey


would be a great idea.

I mean, selling shirts and stuff is awesome, but on the corporate side, isn’t selling real-life merch way too risky, what if shipping doesn’t work out, what about refunds, although you could say that “X company is the problem,” the audience will point their hands at roblox. If individual developers did this on their own, then that would be great, as even if there was an issue, roblox has nothing to do with it. As soon as you have support from roblox and integrations and everything, thats where issues begin.

However, if Roblox pairs up with a single company, and opens up the bridge so that developers can sell products tied with themselves or their games, and there is a clear ToS, then that would be great! The key is that there is one company, and that roblox has an official agreement with them.


roblox probably will never have merchandise directly on any games page because they to deal with copyright etc etc etc

copyright is way more complicated than it has to be, so whenever it can be avoided it’s better, and when the item is directly making money from anything, it’s even worse.

however I can see solution B being possible

the only game I can name that does this, is murder mystery 2, with it’s own website, however I’m unsure how active the site actually is (how often it’s restocked etc)

however, obviously does not advertise directly on roblox, leading to decreased exposure


This is a poor excuse.

With the correct moderation and protocol as I stated in the original post (filtering who can do it etc), this could be done with ease. As @berezaa stated, Twitch do this with no issues.

It makes no sense for this not to happen, it has potential to generate a lot income for both Roblox and creators. As I stated earlier, financial analyzers are now predicting that Youtubers are earning comparable amounts from merchandise as they are from Advertisements; for some that’s 10m USD+ per year. If that isn’t worth a little extra filtering, I don’t know what is.


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With the right oversight by Roblox, this could be amazing! There are plenty of companies offering specialized merchandise that already do their own copyright checks. I could see something like this making the merchandise companies, Roblox, and developers lots of money!


Support completely.

Full support again, I think adding applications would be a great addition!

I would like to bump this topic. Why is this still not a thing?

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Would definitely love to see this feature request implemented! More and more developers are creating merchandise, however, it is hard to advertise that merchandise to players as offsite links aren’t even allowed. This feature also benefits Roblox in the long term because more players wearing merchandise for games will attract new people to those games and the platform all together.

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This thread may be a year old, but it is still very relevant. Developers are missing out on a substantial income source that could benefit both Roblox and the Developer community massively.

Another example of this working practically is Youtube’s method, as tweeted by @Bethink