Merch Creation Through Applications

Do you like merchandise? yes!
I can’t hear you, what did you say? YES!!!
Great! I love merch too!! So here’s my idea for how roblox can open up merchandise creation for developers!

The Idea

Roblox’s sponsorships for merchandise stores are not unknown, we all know and love Jazwares and Teespring for their cool roblox toys and clothing. Based on this, we could expand to something much bigger!

Similar to both roblox toys (in particular), roblox has allowed toys versions of popular developer and in-game avatars to be created and accessible to major stores today. So why not open something similar, but for more types of merch, mugs, shirts, toys, even stickers! Rather than Roblox approaching us for the creation of merch inspired by our characters, we approach them! How? Through applications!

Similar to devforum applications, we apply individually, wether for our games, or our characters. We would provide some notable achievements we (or our games) have accomplished, what we’d like the merch to be (tee, toy, etc), and Roblox reviews our application, our accomplishments, and history (for obvious reasons), and depending on how much of a success the future merch could be, Roblox accepts or declines!

After this, and as @RBXKyle has taken the time to describe in this feature request (highly suggest giving it a read, it practically completes half of this feature request), we could open up game sale integration!

(credit to kyle)

I’d like to keep this feature request short and sweet, so I’ll end it with a poll and a tl;dr.

  • This is important to me
  • I might need this in the future
  • This is unimportant to me

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(thanks @Zomebody for the non-bias template)

TL;DR (Too late didn’t read)

  1. Roblox opens up merch creation with its developers
  2. Merch creation can be created for your game or character through applications
  3. Roblox judges your application based on your achievements, and your merch potential
  4. Integration! On your game page, for stats, the sky is the limit!

Remember guys, this is a feature request, if you feel like anything (and I mean anything) should be added, please share!

Update: Okay so I apparently did not know about the Roblox Star Program, and that you do get a share of your money off of your corresponding roblox toy. So I’ll this program would (could) be under there. Adding more products and an application process.

Suggested features:

Chesse20: Being able to sell or give away avatar clothing (for free or for a cost) in the game merch integration tab.


Maybe being able to sell normal clothes in that tab as well. If the game is popular and is well known/featured, maybe even be able to give out a simple fan shirt or pants for free?


What sort of merch would you be looking at?
Is it a restricted list? Unlimited options?

Would you be offering unisex clothing instead of just male and female? Or maybe all three?


That depends on Roblox’s tshirt partner’s available choices. I’d like to add that a major difference between mine and Kyle’s feature requests is that we’re not the ones building the tshirts, roblox is. Just how roblox figures out how your character ends up looking like in the toy, by perhaps changing one clothing item, or adding attachments – roblox will be the one developing the actual final product appearance. What our job is to inspire the product with our games/characters. We have no end say in what the price will be, clothing style, etc. We’re not making the money in the end. It’s just not our merch shop (same thing as the roblox toys).

Sorry for the long reply lol, I really needed to clear that up.

If we’re not making the money in the end, what is the point?

It feels to me like a lot of this stuff could’ve literally just been used in a reply to my original thread of the same topic as a suggestion rather than creating what is effectively a topic duplicate.

Well, the things I suggested would be things on the contract, so some may be restricted, some may not.

Roblox won’t be doing everything for you, that doesn’t make sense. Looking at what the “Roblox Star program”, it’ll be

It makes sense to integrate the developers opinion and how their community reacts to the demand and how they can use community feedback to make the entire line better for the community.

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Fan apparel. Walking around with an “I’m a jailbreak camper!” or “Ghosts rule, Phantoms drool” to show how much you love the game. If you really want to just make the extra money, then you’ll open your own shop.

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“Very manual, and relying on very risky terms, such as being responsive.” I won’t even use “instead.” Additional to this (somewhat ineffective) process, applications would serve as a potential seeker, and as a way of discovering talented developers and letting them have a say in a possible upcoming success product.

And after a lot of…realization, yes they won’t be doing everything, as the start program has sort of drafted.

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Personally, I’d like to see giving out Free Shirts as part of a badge process. Get a certain badge in the game, get a free shirt. (Roblox Website Shirt, not a real life one.) Would be huge for true fans of the game who invest a lot of time, because they could have a free shirt (especially for the NBC folk this is a big deal) but it’s also just not a given to everyone shirt. Makes them more proud to wear it.


This has been suggested before. While it would be an amazing feature that is completely in line with the UGC nature of Roblox, it may be unlikely to occur because

  • Roblox seems to already be pretty locked into their merch plans. They may have signed exclusivity contracts with certain manufacturers or are just too heavily invested in their current program to abandon it for something better
  • It is a web feature request