Game Page Conversion Revenue - Missing Information


I’ve always been wondering what the Game Page Conversion Revenue could exactly represent ?


Unfortunately, i haven’t found a single “accurate” post/source of information that could describe this type of revenue, mostly said it’s generated from Registered players (+ Builder Club / additional Robux purchases) if the game visited has “influenced” the player to spend time/money on it.

What i want to know is the exact revenue received on any action the player did to affect the “Conversion Revenue” selection,

Recent topic about it and no one really knew of it’s use

Perhaps it is actually written somewhere, but as i said, Searching the exact word “Game Page Conversion Revenue” won’t lead to accurate informations, therefore it’s would be finally clear and faster for anyone else that would like to figure it out.

Thanks in advance :grin:


I’ve been curious this myself

it really isn’t easily accessible what it means so it’s been a thing for years and I’ve never truly learned what it meant


You get 5% of the value of any Robux purchases made by new players who sign up after playing your game:

However, since guests are no longer a thing I am not really sure how they determine this. I’d imagine it is probably now generated from players who sign up after landing on your game page first.


5% is it. Regardless, for me this seems extremely rare that someone would buy robux for the game just after registering (It personally took me 4 months until i’d own BC for the first time) and i dont really think there are any game this impactul to new players to realize this feat.

I may be wrong, but i have a hard time telling if people nowadays could spend on day 1 when all games on roblox have a gameplay lifespan under 20 minutes.

And the revenue for “new registered” is unknown, but i assume it’s 0 as bots is still kicking strong and undamaged.

So i guess registering is non-existent and it’s all about advertisement on social platforms


I think if they buy Robux a year later you’d still get a cut as you introduced that player to Roblox.


This seems to be indeed the most plausible option, most of my questions about that revenue has been cleared thanks to you,

though i’ll probably wait for a official answer about it so there is no mistakes possible. the blog post is from 2014 so even the percentage could have changed in the meantime.