Suddenly received hundreds of thousands of ROBUX through Game Page Revenue Conversion?


Do these things pay all together later on a date? I think this is the first time this has happened and I’m very confused. Checked my game stats and they seem pretty normal.

Game Page Conversion Revenue - Missing Information

I believe the percentage payouts are monthly. Not sure.

It might just be from everything pending at once, or someone spam-buying a developer product.


I got around 7k robux from that today as well.
Would be nice to know where it’s coming from exactly.


I don’t think you can check this on group games, so I can’t see if similar things happened to me


I just got 100k more and I don’t think it’s stopping. It looks like it’s going up by a bit as time goes? :woman_shrugging: It’s giving me the freaks


This happened to me today too, I got 65k. No clue what’s going on


Wow, did they finally fix this feature?

I just got 257,214 Robux from it.


I got 0, nice.


Same rip, Happy Anniversary btw


I got 35k more damn


Can someone tell me what this means? I’m a bit confused as to what ‘game page revenue conversion’ is

Am I free to spend this money??


don8 pl0x

Uhh, more on a serious note… How are people making so much off of this?
With the site being in a really odd state I wouldn’t find it hard to believe that its a bug, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


@Nightgaladeld Do you know anything about this? Might be important so people know if this was a bug that’ll be reverted or if they’re free to spend the money.


Also side note, don’t spend this robux as it might be a bug like with the audio upload refund bug where they just outright ban everyone.


I checked my promotional revenue although it says like 500 Robux throughout 2 years but I have 3k odd pending in my group. Weird :thinking:


I think the feature was broken and they are maybe retroactively paying developers for the missed earnings?


It looks like it stopped for me. Nearly made 900k from this and I do find it hard to believe that 5% can do so much? I’m hoping the feature just got fixed and this isn’t a bug. I already received DevEx funds for trading before realizing this could be a potential mistake, I hope it won’t cause trouble. :fearful:


Would love to see DevRel response to this thread. @Nightgaladeld @InceptionTime @new_storm


I seem to have made 25k in the last week from Game Page Conversion Revenue and I have no idea why. I would also love an explanation…


To the guys that earned a lot of money off of this, can you post your graphs? Is the money on your graphs too?

Did you guys get a ton of signups or something?