Game Passes not showing in the game's shop page

Reproduction Steps

Open any game’s page on the normal website and compare the game passes shown with the ones displayed in the mobile app for the same game. The mobile version doesn’t display all of them.

iPhone Xr
Latest app version

Expected Behavior

I expect to see the same game passes I see on the website version, which is all of them.

Actual Behavior

I do not see all game passes. Compare the following images of Adopt Me’s shop page:


Mobile app:

Issue Area: Mobile App
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-12-04 00:12:00 (+02:00)


Thanks for the report! We are aware of this issue we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


I have this issue in my game aswell, Please fix it asap.


Just to tag on, I am experiencing the same bug as well.

Place number: 23380021

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I would like to point out I am also experiencing the same issue with game pass display inconsistency between the website and the mobile app and notice other games are affected as well.


Mobile App (Android 10 operating system)

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Same for my game

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I’m having the same problem. Please fix.


I’m also experiencing this issue on my game, but unlike everyone else who has reported similar cases, my game doesn’t show the “Passes & Gear” section at all on mobile but it does for other games.

UniverseId: 105247561

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this happens on my game too, is only in mobile devices, doesn’t happen in computer.


Only happens in mobile, common, you can only see first 5 gamepasses


I can confirm this issue is still happening to my game Expedition Antarctica.

We have these game passes:

However, as shown below, our last 2 game passes (‘VIP’ and ‘Pro Pack’) fail to appear for both phone and tablet devices.

The game passes phone players see:

The game passes tablet players see:


Hi, we’re actively looking into this


Hi, we’ve tracked down root cause and hope to get a fix out for it soon; the underlying reason seems to be that when we fetch the first X passes, that includes passes that aren’t for sale which don’t end up getting displayed


Hey there, I know its been a week, just a heads up this is still happening

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Same issue, still hasn’t been fixed.


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Hi, pinging the team working on this.

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I made a post on this topic back in March of 2023.

I want to follow up and say that some users have reported seeing all 15 game passes for sale for my game within the mobile app via the store page as expected.

However, when I view the game’s store page (“Passes and Gear” section) within the Roblox Mobile App on a mobile device running the android 10 operating system, I still only see 7 game passes for sale as shown in my original post linked above.

I suspect this issue has negatively impacted platform game pass sales revenue over the past six months. If users cannot see the items for sale, they are less likely to purchase them. This is a lose-lose situation for both developers and the company.

Thank you for bringing awareness of this problem to the development team and I look forward to hearing about a potential solution!

Hi - this should be fixed now; note that you do have to update your version of the app to get this fix.

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Hi, thank you for continuing looking into this. The situation is better, most passes do show up now, but I have discovered that at least one pass is still not showing on mobile for my game, Pet Empire Tycoon. The pass that does not show up is the Magic Carpet.



As you can see, on PC there are 15 passes and on mobile, only 14 show up. The missing one is the Magic Carpet.

Just to confirm, I have updated the app to version 2.582.384 on the iOS app store.

Thank you!

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Agh - we had a rollback (completely separate issue) that removed the fix from certain recent builds. I will update this thread when I get details of the next release date.