Game Quest Challenge 2021 - Rules & Guidelines

If we miss the first mini challenge can we still participate in the second and third?


How will sign ups work?
Quick question, only three members per team, correct?

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what’s the difference between the mini challenge and the main challenge

Honestly this will be an interesting experience. Can’t wait!

Can’t wait to do this! Sounds fun :smile:


Are we gonna be required to talk during this Game Jam? I can understand English fine, but can’t speak it fluently, so I’m not very comfortable speaking in English.

ahh amazing the times are in PDT so im gonna have to destroy my own body clock for this


Can’t wait! I always enjoy these staff ran events, glad another is happening.

Dang, if only I had time and I was good enough.


I can’t wait to sign up!
Does the game have to be cross platform playable? I’ve never done one of these before so I’m a little behind :sweat_smile:

Sounds really fun! I can’t wait to see what people come up with.

This sounds absolutely incredible! I am really looking forward to it!

I do have 2 questions though:

  1. Will we have to use a microphone?

  2. You said that we can use external resources for the “final challenge”, does that mean we can not use external resources for the mini challenges?

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Nice. I hope I will have time to participate!

this IS SICK, I can’t wait to see everyone’s submissions! There’s a lot of creative people!

Can you have at least one participant who has dev forum, but other participants who don’t but are apart of your group?

So sad I can’t participate in this. It seems fun, but I don’t want to create a portfolio just for this and I don’t know anyone irl to work with. :frowning:

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I love the fact that roblox is doing this, but what wont stop big devs that already are well known with great games winning instead of the small devs like me?

I would assume all three participants need a Dev Forum account.

Thanks, I appreciate it very much. :grin:

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It likes this is directed towards me. I have a team of new developers, and I want a way to be recognized. This is like a ticket in disguise! Thanks Roblox Dev Rel.

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