Game Quest Challenge 2021 - Rules & Guidelines

This Is very exiting! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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Looks like we’re getting some Game Jams finally!

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Who they’re?

Because I’m interested in finding out who what types of people will do the Game Quest Challenge

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Sounds fun! Could we make a showcase or does it gave to be an actual game?

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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about the Game Quest Challenge to clarify any questions you might have:

How many Mini Challenges do I need to participate in to participate in the Main Challenge?

You must participate in AT LEAST TWO of the Mini Challenges to participate in the Main Challenge. It does not matter which two, as long as you have participated in at least two.

Where will the challenges be announced?

There will be a mega-thread for challenge announcements, separate from this thread. This will be launched on Saturday, April 4, before the first challenge is launched.

Can I develop alone or do I need to join a team of up to 3 people?

Each team must consist of three people.

Do I have to publish my game on the Roblox website?

Yes. Also, be sure to enable public access to your game so that the judges can evaluate it.

What methods will be used to verify that the game has been fully created during the event and not before? Will the creation / update date of the game be taken into account?

The game cannot be updated after the challenge ends. We are taking into account the creation date and the last update date of the game to check if your equipment was only developed during Game Quest Challenge.
Be careful! It is possible to accidentally update the game simply by modifying the title or description and this may cause unintentional disqualification.

Will this Game Quest Challenge be shared by Spanish-speaking and English-speaking developers, or will there be one specific to each community?

In this case, it’s a single challenge for both communities. That is why it is permissible to have a team with members from each community.

Can we use music published by Roblox or APM for our games?

As long as you have the rights to use them, that is, Open Source, yes.

Should team members share the award with each other or will each be awarded separately?

Each member will receive their own rewards.

Should I or my team register before the Game Quest Challenge?

No, the only registration will be submitting your work through SurveyGizmo. Make sure to plan everything with your team!

Can I test my game with other people during Game Quest Challenge?

You should leave the game open to the public. Please note that only you and your team can modify the game.

Should I create a logo, icon or thumbnail for my game?

It’s optional. In any case, you will be asked to send some images of the game when you send it to us.

Who will be the judges? How will the games be judged?

The panel of judges is secret and comprised of Roblox employees. You can find the evaluation criteria in our main post.

Am I allowed to create a group on Roblox or Discord server to develop and organize my team?


Can I use external software? (Blender, Photoshop, ...)


Wouldn't being able to use pre-made assets, as long as they are yours, mean being able to create a game before the Game Quest Challenge starts and submitting it as a Game Quest entry?

The theme of the Game Quest Challenge will be announced the day the challenge begins. This should make it very difficult to create an entire game ahead of time. The objective of allowing pre-made assets is to help the development of the game since we know that it is very difficult to finish a game in 72 hours.

Can developers swap teams?

No, you should remain with the same team from the start to the end of the challenge.

Do we need to submit personal information to get the prizes?

Yes. The winning teams will be contacted privately to collect the information necessary to send the prizes.

Can developers outside of the forum participate?

It is required for each team member to have at least Visitor access to the Developer Forum.

Does everyone in the group have to submit a form?

No, only ONE submission per team.

Can the game be public and monetized?


One of my teammates dropped out, and another member joined. Am I allowed to do that?

No, you cannot have another member join in, but the remaining team members can continue participating in the challenge.

Are we allowed to make hotfixes/bug fixes/updates to our games after we submit?

No. Any updates made after the submissions close may result in disqualification.

If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them here or message @DevEngagementTeam! Remember, the next update will be posted on Saturday, April 3rd, 2021 at 10:00AM PST on a separate thread.


Kind of confused, but I think I will be able to handle this :smiley:

Lol we didnt finish our holiday game jam… soo not sure if my new team and me could finish, but we had lots of fun during the jam, so we will probably have fun with this too.

My best builds were probably in the holiday game jam.

Wait- when will we be able to choose our members for our teams?

I really want to enter but I don’t know if I have the availability and If I do I don’t know If I will be able to get a good team going but I’ll try.

Do we need to submit any sign up forms of any sort to participate in any of the challenges

Quick question: Does “Having an account” mean to be verified or does it mean to have been on the DevForums before (13+)?

Are we allowed to enter with a DevForum account, but accept the prizes on a different account, lets say an alt?

So, what is this exactly? I am new to developing and have no idea what this is about. I have the resources to do this it seems, but I need to know what to do before I begin.

You have to choose the members for your team now.

Do meshes made in a different program count as “External resources”?

Yup, they said programs “such as Blender and Photoshop”. Pretty sure Blender is for 3D models.


Wow, how interesting! Most likely I will lose, but I really want to participate

wrong date, should be april 3rd

This sounds great!! I’m already looking out for this!

You get 24 hours to create a game you need a team of 3 than when you finish you submit your game there are 4 challenges in total mini challenges 1 mini challenge 2 mini challenge 3 and main challenge. You need to do at least 2 mini challenges to participate in the main challenge. All challenges are on a certain time and day. On the day of the challenge roblox will announce the theme of what you are going to make for the challenge. I believe that’s what it all is. Oh and also the winners get prizess.

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Where is the announcement? I think it’s time.

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