Game Quest Challenge 2021 - Rules & Guidelines

Hey developers,

We are very excited to announce that we will be hosting our first Game Jam of 2021! But this Game Jam has an exciting twist - it’s not a Game Jam, it’s a Game Quest!

The Game Quest Challenge will last 4 weeks and will have 3 Mini Challenges accompanied by a Main Challenge at the end. It will be active simultaneously for both the English and Spanish developer communities so, as a result, you may notice developers from both communities working on this challenge!

However, there will be independent winners from each community, and every member from the winning teams will receive the prizes individually. Challenge prizes are listed below along with the rules, dates, and submission criteria.

Prizes :gift:

Mini Quest Challenges
  • All Mini Quest challenges will include $25 - $45 Roblox Gift cards as prizes for each member of the team. There will also be one final winner of a $55 Roblox Gift Card.

    Note: For the Final Winner you must have participated in all Mini Challenges.

Main Quest Challenge
  • Prizes for the main quest challenge will be announced on April 3rd alongside the challenge.

  • If a winning team in the Main Challenge is composed of both English and Spanish speakers a bonus prize will be given. Let’s all make new friends from both communities!

    Note: Prizes may vary depending on region and availability.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the epic prizes you’ll be competing for!

Game Quest Challenge Rules :white_check_mark:

Review FULL list of Rules
  • The Game Quest Challenge will last 4 weeks. There will be 3 Mini Challenges accompanied by a Main Challenge at the end.
  • Depending on your community, your game must support either English and/or Spanish language.
  • Each team must consist of 3 participants. The teams can be made of participants from both communities (English and Spanish).
  • When submitting your project you need to mention to which community your team belongs to; you still need to pick ONE community even if you have members from both communities.
  • Your game must be created during the event window. You cannot start developing before the theme announcement or continue after the Game Quest Challenge (please do not update the game/place until the winners are announced). The theme and instructions will only be announced at the beginning of the event.
  • External resources can be used for the final challenge as long as they are all listed on the project submission form and you have the right to use them.
  • Deliveries must be created entirely from the disclosure of the respective challenges. Do not start development before the challenge is announced.
  • Your team and project must follow all of the Challenge Rules, our Terms of Use (99.7 KB) , Roblox’s Terms of Use, and the Developer Forum Rules.
  • There will be one winning team for each Mini Challenge; and a Final Mini Quest Winner, for a team that consistently showed effort and skill in all three mini challenges.
  • In addition to the Mini Challenge winners, there will be 3 winning teams for the Main Quest Challenge: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
  • The winners will be selected by a panel of judges based on the evaluation criteria.

Submission Requirements :clipboard:

Review submission requirements
  • You may only submit ONCE to either the English or Spanish communities.
  • Mini Challenge 1 need to be submitted as a ZIP file containing .rbxm files
  • Mini Challenge 2, 3 and the Main Challenge must be submitted as a link to a public Roblox game

Judgement Criteria :balance_scale:

Review judgement criteria

Submissions will be judged accordingly with 3 main categories in mind:

  • Theme - Uses the theme provided
  • Creativity - How unique and creative the overall experience is, try thinking outside the box!
  • Design - This includes a variety of design elements!

Additionally, for each mini challenge and the main challenge, we will be judging on additional factors; these will be announced along with the challenge details.

Announcements Guide :clock1:

Attention! All times are marked in PDT!

Note: A new quest will be released each Saturday, starting on April 3rd with the winners being announced each following Friday.

Additional Information :information_source:

  • The winners of the Mini Challenges will be chosen by Roblox staff, but the winners for the Main Challenge will be chosen by staff AND the community. Stay tuned for polls!

  • In order to find teammates, you are free to use this Matchmaking Thread!

  • Stay on top of all challenge updates in the Developer Forum through the Community category.

  • More information on the theme of the Mini Challenges and the Main Challenge will be delivered at the start of the event.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to @DevEngagementTeam or @Moxyll, and most importantly, have fun!

See you soon!

Developer Engagement Team


Woah, I can’t wait to participate! May I ask what the rules are on assets from the toolbox- beyond just models- like images, or audio?


So exciting, can’t wait to see all the submissions! Can admins participate too? :laughing:


Sounds fun! Looking forward to participating.


If I am not understanding incorrectly this is the rule.


Got it, thanks Incapaz! That clarifies the rules. Glad I don’t have to spend Robux to upload sounds effects.


This is really neat! I’m glad to see more engagement from the Developer Relations team with game jams. Perhaps there is more coming on the horizon?

Now to find some teammates…


This looks pretty cool!

I don’t see myself participating this time around due to scheduling circumstances, but if it is anything like the Holiday Game Jam I would recommend anyone on the fence to give it a shot. I met a ton of new friends in that challenge and improved my skills remarkably.


Just noticed it. How dare they use that disgrace of a font.


Where will the mini-challenges be announced? On this thread or a new one?

Super excited to see what people come up with! :pirate_flag:


If we don’t participate in the mini challenges, can we still participate in the main challenge?

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This is gonna be a tough challenge. I was wondering, is there a team size limit?

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Yes, there must be exactly 3 team members.


Love the turn of events this year!! Can’t wait to see what people come up with, the possibilities are endless!! :grin:

What are the challenges about exactly?, to that I mean, will they be about making whole games? tools, models? more in general, whats the difference between challenges and normal game jams?


Can’t wait!

So when you say all mini quest challenges include gift cards as a prize, does that mean everyone who finishes the challenge gets a gift card?
If a thousand people complete the challenge, a thousand people get giftcards valued at a minimum of $25 each? Is there a limit to the number of winners for each challenge?

I believe this relates. By the way good luck if you are participating!


Man this looks extremely interesting, I honestly love these types of events. Though just one question, is everyone in the group required to have access to the Dev Forum or no?

This looks like so much fun! I’m happy that Roblox is starting to reach out to developers and hosting so many events this year!

Ooo! I am very interested in this! Seems like a lot of fun! Can’t wait to see the submissions people come up with! :smiley: