Game teaser (Weapon Mayhem)

With the help of a paid actor, I put together this monstrosity:
A solo project I’ve been working on for almost 2 months.
Still unfinished though.

Inspired (a bit) by Item Asylum. For the most part, I tried to be creative.
For now, the shop is unfinished but basically everything else works.

Some stuff:

  • Effects:
    -Burn: Deals 2-6 damage per 0.5 seconds.
    -Stun: Can’t move, can’t attack.
    -Poison: Deals 2-4 damage per 1 second.
    -Forcefield: Gives immunity to all non-instakill items after a 1.5s delay.
  • AoE:
    -Explosion: Deals damage and knockback. Can’t destroy metal.
    -Fire: Deals 5 damage per second and applies burn for 3-7 ticks. Destroys wood and snow.
    -Lightning: Deals damage, knockback, and stun for 2 seconds. Destroys metal and snow.
  • Map info:
    -Most maps have destructible parts (Each house in Snowglobe has over 1k destructible parts.)
    -All maps have a void that instakills.
  • Gamemode info:
    -Classic: When round ends, player with most kills wins.
    -First to ten: Self explanatory.
    -Dodgeball: Dodgeball only. May spawn with ‘brick wall’ tool.
    -King of the hill: Player with most time wins. (Kind of broken lol.)
    -Random HP: Spawn in with a random HP. (1-200.)

Probably won’t add game link till the shop is actually completed.
If you search for it though, you might find it.