Game update page + Subscribe to game updates

Yes yes yes yes yes! So much yes! I tried to remedy this issue by adding a popup in-game that gets the game’s description from the MarketplaceService, and it’s helped a little bit.

Of course there’s those people who join the game, wait until they’re allowed to close the popup, close it, and what’s the first chat they send? “What happened?”

I have definite 100% support on this request and would absolutely love to see it.


It would also be nice if ROBLOX would add in those banners automatically for events.
Like the one Meepcity has right now:
Event Banner
Could be a feature where, if a game is part of an event, ROBLOX could automatically place a banner infront of the game icon instead of the creators having to insert the banner and replace the icon manually.


This is a pretty cool idea, but there could also be the idea, much like dominus’s banner idea, there could be a banner for a recently updated popular game, say instead of a red EVENT banner its a blue UPDATE banner with the studio icon


This feature is so incredibly needed! I’ve often noticed this problem, but never could never think about a clear way around it. This would be a great way to solve the issue. And it fits with good development practices too. Your description basically turns the version history page into a proper Version Control system, (which has the bonus of encouraging beginners of the development / CS world to use version control systems).

The one fix left out that some people have started to do is create Twitter or other website accounts to do all of what you said manually, but that still requires you to have a small notice in the title or somewhere else saying to look at your twitter page. It doesn’t let players know when the game gets updated unless they’re glued to your twitter.

And I definitely think a banner feature would be nice too, Finns_Life. There is a great system already built into the Catalog page, so even just expanding that to let developers add specific banner markers to their game pages would work well.


Full support.


This should be a medium-high priority update. We neeeeed this!!


Can someone show this to Roblox web development staff and ask if adding this would be a possibility for the near future?


I am working internally to make sure the right people see this.


You have a new supporter, I stand by you mighty developers of robloxia!


In addition to this, if the update notification rejected by the filter, it shouldn’t send.

If we have users that are phone notifications for this, we should really try to minimize possible errors. The filter still gets a ton of false positives.


That would be nice too, but Idk about it being a banner like the event one.
Maybe it could be a banner on the corner, the top, or the bottom of the icon.
Like one of these:
Corner Banner 4Corner Banner 3Corner Banner 2Corner Banner 1

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I already saw this on Twitter but I just want to give my support here too


Congratulations berezaa – this thread’s OP is now the most-liked post on the developer forums.


LOVE this idea… may I add that a Tutorial or “How to Play” tab would be a welcome addition as well, rather than trying to cram it into the description. Once players are in the game, who wants to stop to read?

While I’m shooting for the moon here, MARKDOWN SUPPORT in the description (and any other tabs) would be EPIC. Don’t allow image linking unless it’s in the tutorials tab and you have to link in approved decals. Don’t allow links except a white list of roblox site/games/forums/dev forums and GitHub links would be nice as well.


Interactive tutorials are always better than walls of text – if you can’t fit it into the description, players aren’t going to read it either, as ROBLOX’s young audience doesn’t do a lot of reading. If you look through the “feedback on my game” threads , “I didn’t read the text wall tutorial and now I don’t know how to play” is one of the more common pieces of feedback.

There’s no reason why we should put tutorials on the game’s webpage as in-game tutorials will always be easier to access and have the advantage of being able to be partially/fully interactive.


That makes a lot of sense, although I did mention allowing decal images, so it’s not just flat text. I also wouldn’t expect it to be a complete tutorial on how to play, but more of a “Quick Start” to cover the necessities. When you jump into many games, the action is already underway. As a player, you feel like you don’t have time to read the “how-to”, because the game has already started and everyone else is playing. I would argue that outside the game it is much easier to be patient and pay attention. It seems the description page should be just that, a description. I have to respectfully disagree with the statement that “there’s no reason why we should put tutorials…”, as I could list several reasons that it would be nice for me to have. If they added it, and you didn’t want to use it, then just don’t use it (like most people in regards to the current leaderboards tab).

As an aside, perhaps a “How To Play” YouTube video could optionally be placed in this tab (for an up-charge of some $R)

Either way, I’d settle for Markdown support :wink:


I’m a little late, but I saw this post when it was released, and I just got back from vacation and I wanted to say, support!

So, uh, support 100% :smile:


I’m all for it. We should have access to the same formatting on the site as the devforums. Should probably be a separate feature request though :stuck_out_tongue:


This would be great for Jailbreak.

Less game title changes (cleaner game page), reach specific audience who wants to know about your game, and get it in the hands of tons of people. Jailbreak updates frequently, a change log would be great. Currently we only show 1 week of update notes when you join. If you don’t play for a while, you miss out on seeing what some updates were. That’s not good.

Thanks for writing this up Berezaa.