Game update page + Subscribe to game updates




Thank you everyone for supporting this feature request. Imagine YouTube without subscriptions… it would be a completely different site. The moment when developers have the ability to call hundreds of thousands of people to action is the moment we become actual celebrities.


This feature would be awesome to have!

This would make it viable to solely use Roblox as a way to keep my players informed of news and updates without using external sites like Twitter. It would also help to reach a much larger portion of my players, because most players do not have Twitter accounts.


I heard they were adding a changelog feature soon :eyes:


Changelog has already been implemented w/ on the “About” Page! :slight_smile:


300 likes. We’ve certainty sent a message, folks.


Good for you berezaa!


I support this


A few weeks ago I decided to publish an update while also changing the game icon. I used to always update without changing the icon. Surprised me how effective it was, well over 5x the standard player count delta a normal update gives!

It feels odd to do this though, definitely feels like we need much better ways to convey information to an existing playerbase. Like how some apps use push notifications to regain attention, which feels much more natural.


Yes please! Mega support I want this, yes oh yes!


I actually never thought of something like this, but I 100% support this.


I want this so bad. I love this. Great layout!




Why isn’t a staff member giving us some form assurance that this may or may not come.


Because they already kinda did.

The post:

The thread:




I support this, hoping to see it become a feature we, as a developer, desperately need.


This was confirmed 3 years ago, let’s finally make it so.


I love this idea and the concept art you did @Expressor looks amazing!

Would be awesome to make updates with icons next to title.
It would look so proffessional having everything collected in one place!

MAN! Am I hyped about this now!! :smiley:


Most liked thread on the DevForum? Holy moly we better be getting this then. Really need it, and so do others. The game title and description are not appropriate locations to house update logs.


As a ROBLOX user it is currently hard to get players attention when there is an update that has been issued.

So here is what a lot of developers do right right now

[UPDATE!]Roblox HQ

Why should we have to almost cut off our games name in order to announce an update :thinking:(it happens)

Now here is my solution:

We do have some free space on our games page(where you click play at) and I propose another button.
When this button is pressed it will lead to another page that allows us to type a small message informing what has been done to the game to all who favorites it(a better use for favorites :wink:).

I’m really sorry if I didn’t really give enough detail just ask me questions and I will reply.

Idea came from looking at @ScriptOn’s tweet about needing a better way to inform players instead of changing the game’s name.