Game with 2k+ ccu for 2 days now still not first result on search

A game I released, called “Fly Race”, is still not on the first few rows when you search it. There’s been videos made on the game with 100s of thousands of views, but none of the players can find it, so we’re losing lots of players and money because of it.

How long does it take, and is there any way I can get it to appear on the search results?

EDIT: It’s been 6 days since I’ve posted this, and it’s STILL not on top of the search results.

How old is your game? Was it recently updated?

It’s being updated everyday. The place was technically created in April 2021.

I would typically give it a week before search results update, if it still doesn’t it’s likely you’re experiencing this bug.

The game has been out for about a week, and it has peaked at around 2k for a couple of days now, and it’s still only on the 4th row of search. How can I get this fixed?

yeah I’m not sure why this is happening, very confusing