Gamepads do not work in Studio playtests + Xbox emulation leaves glitched UI on screen

I am able to connect my gamepad to my computer and play with it perfectly fine on the Roblox client, but when I go to test my game in Studio using the same controller, it does not detect the controller at all. This is using a Switch Pro Controller, and I have tested this both on my Windows 11 PC and my MacBook Air (M2, although I doubt this would matter given it happens on Windows too).

Additionally, selecting Xbox One under Device Emulation results in an unusual UI getting stuck on the center of the screen with no way to remove it. It displays my name twice, and I am able to interact with the UI and highlight the buttons but clicking doesn’t do anything; when I open and close the escape menu it will reappear and leave the following error:

Please look into these two issues! Not being able to test my games’ gamepad functionality in Studio has been an inconvenience.


I’ve been having the same issue for a while and so have some others. Hopefully Roblox puts some attention to this, because it is detrimental to development.

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This better be fixed soon, I’m getting tired of publishing my game to Roblox to test it with a controller.


This is an issue for me, I’m using a PS4 controller and it is not detecting in studio but works fine in game. This is an extreme inconvenience that is preventing us from working on Xbox compatibility for our game. Please acknowledge and fix this issue.

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Getting this on macOS (M2 apple silicon). Works fine in the Roblox app, but no gamepad input is registering in studio


Pressing Tab while on the playtest took off the UI on the screen for me.

Still, I do hope they fix issues with console playtests in Studio. Would really help with testing for console compatibility.

Hi, I’m also having this issue with a dualsense controller + windows 11. Works in the roblox game client but not in studio

Controllers used to work in studio for me, it was around 6-7 months ago it suddenly stopped working.

Would appreciate if an engineer looked into this considering it used to work before.


I’m also having the same issue. I can’t use my switch pro controller in studio and my xbox one s controller only works when connected via bluetooth.

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Same thing for me PS4 controller works fine in the ROBLOX client but not in the ROBLOX studio.


The issue should be resolved, please let us know if you run into any problems.