Games Needed for Egg Hunt 2020!

I did the egg hunt last year, but I can’t really recommend doing this if you expect your game to go into the thousands of concurrent players. For Roblox Battle (2018 Editon), it only got into the few hundreds of concurrent players at any given moment. Some did get thousands of concurrent players, but a lot didn’t. There are some other complains I had that I sent privately, and I am hoping those got addressed.

One change I do like is that there is no way to submit an egg this time. The reason I applied last year was because I was assuming the main egg we submitted would get used, but we didn’t get the egg we want chosen and started regretting agreeing to the egg hunt. This change removes the expectation of the egg being chosen as-is when it was re-modeled by Roblox with no way to get changes made.


Could Roblox clarify their statement regarding Roblox events? It was clear that seasonal and monthly events was gone but this now exists.


Is there going to be any opportunity to help in other aspects than having a full game?

Just asking.


Unless they already have a team of devs for creating the hub world, i wouldn’t see why you couldn’t help them out on that


Eggcellent news, or should i say cracking? whatever, i’m just so eggcited…

All egg yolks aside, this is great news and hopefully one of the games I work on will be signing up for this. I’m happy that the egg hunt will make a return this year and I can’t wait to see the games included in the line-up and how they go about engaging players to achieve the eggs.

Great decision in bringing this back, definitely brings more excitement to the coming year for us all :slight_smile:


My game is literally called Egg Simulator, I better get picked :triumph:


Can we apply for two or more games if we could handle it? Will smaller games (under 1M plays) have any chance to be accepted?


So glad the egg hunt is still going on in some shape or form!! If anyone’s wanting to apply and needing a graphic designer to help with the new quest please let me know :slight_smile:


“Would you like to include admin and / or video star launchers in your game?”

What are admin/video star launchers?


They are thing that people in the video star group/ admins get and it shoots things out, which gives the players that get touched by it, roblox items! It’s pretty cool, same things as the pizza party event thingy.


This is just so odd that… for once, after 10 years of playing Roblox, i can naturally think of “Applying” and not just miss opportunities like these where i couldn’t prove or meet the requirement to be chosen.

I Hightly appreciate that Egg Hunts are still alive & open new chances, even if it seems overly done by now.


Does the mission need to be scripted before we apply or can we script once it’s approved?


Does this mean we’re getting an Egg Hunt 2020? What about LiveOps, they removed Seasonal events + monthly events? But, either way, I better start searching for one of my games to apply with! Best of luck to everyone who is applying and get picked!


I remember word was spreading that egg hunts were no longer happening, so I’m glad to hear that Roblox is continuing the tradition! I still prefer egg hunt 2018 however because having it all in one game has more of a storyline and just makes it feel like the community is interacting with each other more. I look forward to the event nevertheless.


I applied! I will wait. Good luck!


Is there a cap on how many games are chosen?

Is the number of games included in the event in any way tied to the amount of eggs made?

Will there be a dedicated game hub like last year, or will it just be handled through the event page (click to join a game)?


I can’t wait to see what games will be added.
I think most of us thought Egg Hunts were over, but I can’t wait to see what happens now.

I’m not really sure about making the Egg Hunt multiple games, but I don’t know what to think before I try it.


This is eggxcellent news, I’m absolutely egg-static!

help i have no comedic value

Are there any rules as such? So something which we cannot have in ours games, like guns for example?


I thought Egg Hunt 2019 would be the very last event, I’m glad that the tradition is still going on! I am EGGCITED to see what we will have this year!


What’s the theme for this years egg hunt? Might consider creating a special game for it, such as an aesthetic forest. Thanks for not removing egg hunt included with the seasonal events! It’s such a memoriable thing in our community.