Games Needed for Egg Hunt 2020!

Hey developers,

Continuing one of our biggest Roblox traditions, we’re looking for developers to volunteer their games to participate in the 2020 Egg Hunt.

Not much is expected on your end as a developer. If your game is selected, we’ll give you an egg assigned to your game specifically. You decide how the egg will be obtained, within reason. You will have to let us know how you plan to make the egg obtainable.

You can also submit an egg design alongside the game you’re volunteering. You must be signing up to have your game participate in order to submit an egg design.

If you’re interested in having your game participate, please sign up here:

Deadline to apply: January 20, 2020

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Let’s take a moment to read the announcement before we start replying! :slight_smile:


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This is a huge opportunity for new developers to get a lot of exposure for their games. Good luck to eggveryone who applies!


Very exciting, I love collecting eggs! :egg:
Looking forward to see what games will have eggs hidden in them!

Does this announcement also mean there will be no ‘official’ egg hunt game?


This is great news! Quick question. What if we have egg designs can we also submit those? Does this also mean that seasonal events are back?


This is awesome!
I’ve always enjoyed egghunts; I’m definitely excited for this.

I do have a question though, does the game that you submit have to be released?
If I prioritised development, it may be possible to release it in time.


this is so


im so funny

Egg hunt 2020! I heard people saying that wouldn’t be a thing! Well, looks like they’re wrong!

You must be signing up to have your game participate in order to submit an egg design.

I think we should be able to submit a egg design either way, but I understand why you say only game participants can submit eggs! :man_shrugging:t5:


Not much is expected on your end as a developer

So our game doesn’t have to be some top-notch popular game? Even if it’s newly made and doesn’t have much visits?

want to give hints on when the egg hunts coming


This is amazing. Looking forward for multiple genres of games on the Egg Hunt this year. I’ll obviously be applying in my game, why? It isn’t your generic Simulator, Tycoon, or Roleplay. This is next level.


I still think that it should be 1 large game where you actually go on an egg hunt instead of what it is currently.


Good luck to the people who does the survey hope I will be on your game hunting eggs.


Heck yeah! Just applied, super excited!

Glad to see Roblox doing events of some form! These sort of collections always were quite effectively in my opinion.

Of course, I still hold egg hunt 2018 is the greatest event game of all time.

Here’s my application!

High level (30) players will have an alter which they can be placed, and provide an experience multiplier when powered by an egg (costs money/experience).

Players must capture the egg and return it to their own alter. If they have the egg at the end of the round they’ll get to keep the egg.

High level players that protect their egg get experience at the end of the round.


Does the game need to be a character running around, searching in a 3D world?

I think it could be cool to have an egg hidden in Lua Learning (I have ideas of how to hide it) and it’s entirely GUI based.

Edit: Applied anyway, we’ll see what they say.


That’s a good idea! People will learn and get the egg aswell!


Wait so do submitted games have to be already made or can they also be concepts?


Application was for wfyb. They ask for the game id and link, so I assume you should apply with a popular game.


Can you submit multiple games? I know that only one game would be accepted per developer but I have an idea for a different game of mine that may also work.


Awesome! You mentioned that “volunteer our games” that means if you already have a game, just volunteer it? What if we don’t have a game to volunteer, can we still apply?