Game's server crashing often

Hey, I’ve been having an issue with my game where after no discernible event or amount of time it kicks everybody off of the server. I would appreciate some information such as crash logs, maybe a stack trace, etc from an admin if at all possible. Memory and CPU usage both seem reasonable. I made a thread about this weeks ago here Servers crashing however it wasn’t very fruitful.

I’m unsure of how to reproduce the bug but it seems to happen to most servers in my game. They sometimes crash in minutes, sometimes hours. I’m trying to get a lead which is why I’m posting here. I read this thread from 2014 where zeuxcg was giving information about what lead to the crashes of other people’s games and I’d appreciate some similar help here.

The place is located here

This bug started occuring with a release of my game in late december. It’s probably my fault to some degree, but in that previously mentioned thread zeuxcg said that if the server crashes in the way it’s doing (i.e., kicking everyone off) then it’s likely caused by triggering a weird edge case on the application level. When it happens every player on the server receives a “Lost connection to game server, please reconnect.” message. Then sometimes when you try to rejoin it gives a “Not available on your platform” error until the server goes down properly.

I’m really just looking for information here because I’m at a loss. I’ve been searching for this bug for weeks now and I don’t really know where else to turn. It’s been eating into my player count and I’ve been spending time on it that I’d like to spend on adding features. I couldn’t find any discernible correlation in several of the private tests that I’ve performed with friends. Any insight would be extremely helpful.

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Thanks RegularTetragon. We are looking into this.

RegularTetragon - let me know if you are hearing about or seeing this server crash anymore. A potential fix was applied today that appears to address the issue.