GamesCell - Scripter

About Me

Hello there! I am GamesCell and I am a Programmer from Romania with some skills in building and making some interface as well. I am scripting for almost six years on ROBLOX so far.

School Background

Finished high school, now I am a college student.


Here are some of the games I have worked at:

Samurai Simulator(March '21 - Current):
Samurai Simulator - Roblox

Firefighter Tycoon(Sept '20 - Current):
Firefighter Tycoon! - Roblox

Ultimate Clickers and Milkshake Legends(Sept '20 - January '21)

CodeClicker(worked on it between March and October '20)

Math Simulator(worked on it between July and October '20)

Airport Tycoon by Fat Whale Games

Farming and Friends by gdunn2(worked on it between 17.08.'20 - 25.08.'20)

Tower of Building

The Dictator


Here are some screenshots of my work at the previous project, CodeClicker

But that’s not all.

I have also created back in 2015-2016 facility roleplaying games, the best one being the Multipurpose Labs which is still there for 4 years on ROBLOX.

Here are some screenshots of my work at Multipurpose Labs, my SOLO Project since 2016


At this point, I am not available to script anymore due to retiring from Roblox, so I couldn’t list a payment method at this point. Thank you for understanding.


I have retired from Roblox, so the contact list is no longer available.

I will keep this post if you guys are curious to check out my past work.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Nice work! It is amazing to have a chance to work with you ! =)


are you still available?
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Please check this out to see if you can handle making it.

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I recommend GamesCell to work as a scripter for your project. He is very talented and has a lot of knowledge in scripting. He made many system for my team, and he is a great guy. :slight_smile:


Great guy to work with. He even helped me out with one of my own scripting problems with a datastore and it helped so much. I can’t thank you enough! This guy is defiantly worth every penny.

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Perhaps add some screenshots/videos from your projects? I believe it would help you a lot.

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