Gear Remastered: Dual Darkhearts

If you haven’t already, please check out my previous post on the Rainbow Magic Carpet here

Welcome to the second post of my Gear Remastered series, where I remake Roblox gears from the ground up! Here is my remaster of the original Dual Darkhearts!

Free model:

Test place:


Comparison Videos


I can’t really do the original justice since it’s completely broken. The footage is of a semi-fixed version I found to give you an idea of how it works.


R6 rig:

R15 rig (same behavior but with different animations):


This gear was significantly more difficult to remaster compared to the Rainbow Magic Carpet due to the lack of reference material and resources available. On top of that, scripting dual wield swords is ridiculously complicated for what it’s worth. That said, I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to the technical aspects.


Feel free to use the model and the test place however you’d like. Credit is not required, but I would greatly appreciate it!

Navigate to the attributes in the tool properties for quick adjustments.

If you want to use the custom R15 animations in your own game, you will need to export each one yourself and replace the asset ids.

The README script inside the model provides additional information if needed.

Platform support

This works on computers and mobile devices. Console has not been tested but feel free to confirm if you can!

Avatar support

As indicated from the comparison, R6 and R15 are both supported. Rthro scaling shouldn’t be a problem either.

Controls and Mechanics

Click/tap to perform basic attack. If you time it right (or spam XD), the animation will move to the secondary and tertiary attack.

Press E to summon whirlwind (:tornado: button on mobile)
The whirlwind does not do anything besides make the player spin. This encourages attacks to be performed during this, representing how you had to click and press the key on the original to activate this move.

Like the original, attacks “steal” 40% of health lost from the opponent. For example, dealing 10 damage will restore 4 health back to you.

Killing an opponent will cause all their parts to turn black and explode outward in dark flames.


On R15 rigs, running will cause the swords to splay outward. This is meant to stop the swords from dragging on the floor due to the forced ninja run animation. They will slowly move back into place during idle; however, they immediately snap back for attacks.

The tiny orbiting trails were achieved using simple trig functions. Invisible parts move to the calculated position, leaving a trail behind it.

The whirlwind effect was achieved using a bunch of curvy beams and particle emitters. The texture I used for the beams, funnily enough, is from the new “Build It, Play It” article Using Textures . There are actually quite a few good ones in there.

What would you like to see next?
  • More dual swords remasters
  • Deluxe Rainbow Magic Carpet remaster
  • Grapple Hook remaster
  • Bulk gear fixing solutions

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Thank you so much for doing this, this is amazing and it’s great for keeping gears alive!

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Glad you liked it, this was a fun one to make!

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Can’t wait to see the Dual Ilumina and Dual Icedagger :eyes:

Nice job!


This is amazing! Hope to see more in the future😀

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