Gear Remastered: Rainbow Magic Carpet


EDIT: Updated the model based on your feedback!

  • Fixed a bug where the carpet sometimes does not fly
  • Fixed a bug where walk sounds persist while flying
  • Fixed a bug where camera shake doesn’t work if you equip while walking
  • Cooldown UI
  • Carpet welds to character’s root part instead using tool grip
  • Context Action Service for sonic boom
    left mouse or E to activate
    (lighting bolt button on mobile)


This is complete remake of the original Rainbow Magic Carpet, featuring a new look, tweaked control scheme, and a dash mechanic.

This is just the beginning of a whole series, so let me know if there are any gears you want to see reimagined!

Free model:

Test place:



Technical details

Avatar support
This should be compatible with all R6, R15, and Rthro avatars. However, Rthro scaling might make the legs clip through the carpet.

The carpet itself is just a beam with adornments attached as the tassels.
The beam’s curve size is modified using a sine wave, producing the wavy effect you see here:

Drifting bugfix
Some of you might know that if you stand still using the original gear, you start to slowly drift downward. This is because the BodyPosition is constantly being set to your rootpart position, which is affected by gravity. Only changing the BodyPosition once easily fixes this behavior. Of course, if you still want this for the nostalgia, you can disable the bugfix in the Attributes :wink:

Notable differences

  • Instead of having to click to enable flying, the remaster activates instantly upon equipping
  • Clicking will trigger the dash mechanic, which temporarily increases the carpet’s speed
  • Uses trails instead of parts for the rainbow effect
  • Uses the new Attributes feature for quick modifications
  • Camera shake just for fun :upside_down_face:

This is amazing, its awesome that the community is remastering gears!


I’d have the player sitting on the carpet with the legs spread out and have a cool down bar for the speed boost.


this is better than the real one

cuz its buggy

the real one to be clear

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Great Item. A Special Ability with the carpet actually sitting instead of holding it and the rainbow looking way more nicer. Love this! Great work!

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Good idea! I’ll consider adding that.


It looks amazing. Can I use it in my upcoming game? Is credit required?


Now this is the side of the developer forum I have missed!

Does this work on mobile? Like is there support for controls for players on Mobile?

Edit: Just skimmed through the code and it looks like there is! Props! But might I suggest using ContextActionService for the sonic boom?


[Me thinking of younger me playing and winning and MC donalds obby and winning equipping the magic flying carpet]

Wow this is great!

Suggestion :

Make like a boost when you make the max speed


Yeah, feel free to use it however you’d like. No need to credit me unless you want to.

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Hmm, definitely worth a try. That should make sonic boom a little easier to use on mobile.

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Grapple hook remaster next would be pretty cool.


It would be cool if you could remaster or fix the dual swords of Roblox since they seem to be broken!

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If you’re interested, here’s a fixed version I found that behaves exactly like the original.
I’ll try to put my own spin on it once I get around to making one myself.

Could you give me a link to the Dual Swords of Roblox? I can’t seem to find it.

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Yes, here is the Dual Darkharts!

how was the rainbow carpet buggy?

I fixed it. Take a look here.

but i wanna know how was it buggy?

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I found a bug in this gear. When the character dies while using the boost the CameraShake sometimes remains.