Generated Maze for Horror Game

Now I did see a couple of these already in the Cool Creations category, and they were neat, but didn’t have the craze factor I was hoping for.
So I developed this (a while ago)…

I would like to thank @Sceleratis for the concept/idea; he was the first to make a system to handle this sort of generation, which inspired me to make my own and fine tune it to create this.

The actual game I’m using this for will be a horror game, but it’s pretty interesting to see the maze generating on it.

Ambient feedback appreciated; the maze generates as you go.
NOTE: There are currently no jumpscares, pop-ups, or screamers, and I’m still debating whether or not I even want those.



I noticed the head bobbing is really weird and is making me nauseous.

Somewhere I found that it’s not supposed to actually change what the camera is looking at, but the height of the camera. That explains why it looks and feels so unnatural.

It might pay to try that out.

Gotcha; going to give it some tests and change that up a bit.

EDIT: Changed the bobble mode as suggested


Cameray is WAAAAAAAAY too slow

a 3d maze is really cool but I think it would do really well if it wasn’t a slow paced horror game…

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@vsnry sped up the camera a bit and made the clerp sharper;
@Maelstronomer it won’t be 100% slow paced :wink:

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How did you make the camera rotation work the way it does in the game?

Like if you move your mouse and stop moving it, the camera continues turning for a little bit. Could you explain how you did that?

I hold a CFrame of the expected Camera position inside the script, and update that CFrame; instead of doing Camera.CFrame = ThatCFrame I do Camera.CFrame = Camera.CFrame:Lerp(ThatCFrame, arbitrarySmoothnessNumber) every frame.


This game would be so dope in vr.

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I joined and Alt-F4’d when I saw a pair of eyes staring at me from the dark.

Then I took a closer look, and realized that it was just a lantern.


Man, the next game I’m planning on working on is gonna be a horror/survival game in a labyrinth. This is exactly the type of maze generation I was thinking of, too :o

Well done!