GentleMan Orange Character Concept

Hello, Since the start of 2022 I began Self-Educating myself in curtain aspects of 2D digital art.
Today I’m asking for feedback on a character concept of mine.



It looks similar to the Monopoly character, except it’s an orange.

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Not really what I was going for but I can see similarities.

This is a very nice drawing! I like how the shadows are drawn accurately to represent the light source and the brighter highlights. You did a good job of making the orange look three dimensional through shade and the direction of markings. One thing I noticed, however, is that the shadows and highlights on the body seem to really only be one tone. In reality, there would be a more gradual change from dark to light, which you did quite well for the ground where the orange is standing. To improve, I would recommend learning about shadows, perspective points and composition to create interesting backgrounds. Great job and good luck on your learning!

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pringles logo but orange XD lol

that is the most attractive thing i have ever seen

It looks amazing!

please dont make it into a nft